Friday, August 21, 2015

If God Says You Can--Then, Hey.You Can.

Whew! That's a relief.

And that's the type of thing I recall when our lawn needs to be mowed--again. Like this morning. If I couldn't handle it? It would be ok, for God would understand and then He'd make it doable and affordable to hire someone else. 

Yet in the meantime, till that day arrives, He enables me to push the ol' lawnmower around each week--if I receive my strength from Him.

I think that's what trips up lots of folks--they rely upon themselves. Limited Strength City. Oh dear.

That quote is also terrific for when people try to guilt you into doing what God called them to do. You know, like being a foreign missionary (for anywhere from a week to six months or a lifetime). Or giving a ton of money to a cause dear to their heart or buying the size of house they have or taking a vacation to where they went.

Especially in those situations, it's vital to know who and what God made us to be and do. Go trying to live like other folks and we're on our own (scary!), for God's not obligated to strengthen us to do what He quietly placed inside others' hearts.

But He's oh-so-faithful to give us all we need to do what He created us, His special, unique kid, to do.

What remains is that we learn how to say no to others when it's appropriate and yes to God (like, always) and to learn how to receive rather than try till we nearly die. 

You know, earning, forcing, banging round pegs into square holes because we've not learned how to receive.

Oh my, if you learn nothing else in this Life, learn to receive. Like, 'receive ye the Holy Spirit.' Receive the strength you need to do everything. Receive, receive, receive.

Then move on and happily do whatever God especially called you to do.

Daily. All those endless little tasks which add up to something big in God's eyes.

With joy.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."   ... Philippians 4:13


Okay, so we rarely eat garden tomatoes before October. I just let seedlings from last year's plants sprout up in late Spring, but that's ok. We like tomatoes ripened in brown paper bags.  :)

 Every day I touch the leaves then inhale the scent from my fingers. Is anything more summery than that?

Which reminds me! 

I don't care how many people tell me otherwise, it's still Summer at Hobbit Cottage and will be until September 23rd. Life is way too short to rush such a lovely season (especially now that our heatwave is over) before its official end. 

Well, maybe Winter can be rushed---- heh.

But Summer? Never.


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Elizabeth said...

Yes, it is still summer even though it feels like it should be over now that school has started. I miss the days when it did not start until after labor day.

Pam said...

I'm enjoying these lovely days of summer, too. The evenings are getting cooler, but the days have been perfect. Your yard looks great, Deb!

Debra said...

Hi Elizabeth! I feel blessed that most of the schools in our area still start a day or two after Labor Day. But even if they didn't? I still wouldn't let them cheat me out of my full summer. (Aren't I terrible?)

Hi Pam! Our weather has been so nice since the week of our heatwave ended. Isn't it lovely to have such great weather in August? Thanks for your comment about my yard!

Thanks, Ladies! Blessings, Debra