Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Taking Those Steps Down The Street

Still here! Haven't vanished or anything, but rather, Tom and I are enjoying finally being together again after 8 weeks apart. During these two days off we're catching up on tv series and talking about things experienced, but forgotten to mention. And just generally relaxing before we re-enter Real World Times tomorrow.

So for today? Here's a peek at an excerpt from my upcoming 'book blog.'  I'll return soon with newer offerings, that is, if I can shake myself from this total relaxation groove.  :)


More than twenty years ago our pastor's wife told us this story: 

Her sons' high school principal lived just down the street from her. For two weeks, off and on, she felt a burden to pray for the principal's wife, so she did, yet that didn't seem to be enough. Still the burden persisted.

Eventually, she felt as though she should speak to the principal's wife. One day she knew she could postpone it no longer, so she walked down the street to the principal's house. She was a nervous wreck-- she had no idea what she would say when she got there. She hesitated, then knocked upon the door and the principal's wife opened it. And just stood there. She was not known for being friendly--there was no smile upon her face.

My pastor's wife said, "I'm not quite sure why I'm here. I've been praying for you, and well, God told me, I thought, well, maybe you needed a friend?"

The principal's wife burst into tears. She'd been desperately lonely and had been praying for a friend to be sent to her.

Oh, to listen that clearly to God! To obey whatever He asks, even the scary things. I don't wish to reach the end of my life only to be horrified that I was consumed by me, me, me, as though I walked down city streets and stared in big plate glass windows in order to watch only my own reflection.

Instead, I want to go through this life with my eyes and ears wide open and have the courage to make a difference while I still can. To someday leave this world with very, very few regrets.


Dewena said...

Oh my, there are some lines there that make me think. How often it is me, me, me?

I'm glad you're having this time together again with your husband!

Debra said...

Dewena--thanks so much for commenting! Tom and I are really enjoying being back together again. Hardly feels like we've been married for so long! :) Thanks again for reading and commenting here!... Blessings, Debra