Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Book Recommendation and Something to Consider

Wow. Need something life-changing to meditate upon? Try this:

My, my, my. Kinda says it all, right?

I've not been able to shake those words since yesterday. 


Drum roll.... 

My new 'book blog' will be available Friday! It even has an inspired title--another way of saying it must have been God's idea, certainly not mine. (You're gonna like that title.)

But oh dear-- all the looking back. I'm not a fan of that, for I'd rather gaze ahead. It's been rough, but you are worth it.  :)

And all that editing! Frankly I've been disgusted with myself that I was ever such a sloppy writer. (All those stupid ellipses! Eegads. I even knew they were wrong, but didn't know how to avoid them. They were like a disease.). But I'm determined not to let my feelings dictate what move I make next, but rather, God.

Anyway, even in the midst of my discouragement with myself, I've felt Grace all over this huge project. So it must be what God wants, otherwise, I'd have bailed out last week. 

So all is (mostly) well.


My copy of The Gift of An Ordinary Day arrived today and wow, the timing! Tom and I were having some financial complications (long story, but everything's ok--or will be. Can you believe we had our taxes done today? But that was the easy part.) 

I so needed a good book--and it appeared inside my mailbox on just the perfect day.

She speaks much of preparing for the empty nest (in case you are there) and I'm especially enjoying the parts after they move from their first house. Oh dear!   (Thanks, Pam, for recommending Katrina!)


Free Kindle Book:

Renegade Teacher


Pam said...

Debra, looking forward to your new release!! Glad you like Katrina's book. If you'd like to get to know her better, just type her name and Youtube into Google search. She's reading an excerpt from a book,in her home. Enjoy.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Looking forward to your recommendations and your new blog!

The book you mentioned sounds interesting. I must see if the library has it.

Have a good day!

Tracy Lee said...

Can't wait to read your book! :)

Debra said...

Psm--thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely have to check her out on YouTube. I'm so enjoying her book! Perfect, really.

Robin--I think you'd enjoy Katrina's book. Parts are about preparing for the empty nest and there are thoughtful portions about what makes a home. Lots of dreamy stuff, making it a perfect 'beach book'. Most likely your library will have it (crossing my fingers)! :)

Tracy--thank-you! I hope you will enjoy going back down my Memory Lane. :)

Thanks, Ladies... Debra