Monday, April 14, 2014

The Guy On The News

"For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment."   ... James 2:13


This post happened while we lived out at the farm and it's haunted me since rediscovering it last week:

Before Tom drives to work in the dark mornings, we usually watch the local news together. So there we were this morning watching a story about the big boss in the road department (or something... I can never recall those specific details). He'd been skimming money off the top, but paying it back (he said), all except for the latest $2,800 he 'borrowed.' 

Well, two FBI agents showed up at his house yesterday and after talking awhile, the guy got physical with them, pushed them, and at one point they were all wrestling together on his living room carpet.

Tom and I exclaimed things like, "What a dweeb! Didn't he know better than to wrestle with FBI guysSheesh. Not real smart, is he?" We said even more stuff like that when the guy was quoted as saying, "I could have taken both of you!"

"Yeah, right," Tom and I laughed. And I thought, "Man, this guy must really be scared because he's really guilty. He is so in trouble!"

Then at the very end of the story--the final sentence--the announcer said that he (Road Department Guy) had recently lost his wife who'd passed away.


Tom and I got really quiet.  My throat began to hurt and I murmured, "Hmm... Wow." Both of us could suddenly picture a primal force of sadness, aloneness and desperation so strong that you'd horrify yourself by your own actions, finding yourself wrestling with FBI agents on your floor.

May I always remind myself that there are two sides to every story. May I welcome those Holy Spirit pings which zap me, reminding me to be quick to hear, quick to care and much, much slower to speak (or to maybe not utter a word).

And may I more often look 'behind the curtain' of peoples' lives and extend mercy, remembering that if I wish to receive mercy, I first must show it to others. 


“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy."   ...  Matthew 5:7

Mercy helps you understand why a person did something--and have compassion for him-- without approving of what he did.


When I first ran this, someone thought I was excusing this man's taking the money. But no, I'm only saying I better understand his doing such a foolish thing as trying to overtake FBI agents.


Anonymous said...

We had a pastor suddenly die after a very short illness. His wife remarried in 6 months to a monster...someone who belonged in prison. She told my mom after the divorce, that anyone who looses a spouse should be considered temporarily insane and not be held accountable for at least 6 months...and strongly encouraged not to remarry for a long time. They were still raising children at home and not all that old. Not something that anyone expects. Life can be so hard. Good point, Debra.
Elizabeth in WA

Debra said...

Elizabeth--thank-you for sharing this sad story and some wisdom to accompany it. It's another example of how we must discipline our feelings to always bow down to God's word and His voice. Of how it must become an automatic thing so we still can hear His voice in wildly hard times. Thanks again.... Blessings, Debra

Nan said...

You are a uniquely reflective person. Very rare in the world.

Debra said...

Nan-- thank-you so much. You're too kind and I love that term 'uniquely reflective'. It's during these reflecting times that I sit quietly and try to hear how God feels about things. He is so interesting and sees things so differently than I initially do!

Thanks again... Blessings, Debra