Thursday, November 14, 2013

Too Early Christmas? Impossible. :)

(Warning: Please remind yourself that I'm speaking about me here so--if you still hate early Christmas--please don't be offended.)  :)


Years ago I told you that it made me crazy bonkers to see August Christmas décor or hear Christmas songs playing in store aisles in early November. It just wasn't right, wasn't like the Good Old Days, wasn't the way it should be.

Good grief.

Ol' Debra needed to get a life, for hey! Isn't Christmas a lovely time of giving, of family and most of all--of recalling how God changed everything for us by sending Jesus? Aren't Christmas carols beautiful? Isn't it fun to look above you at the otherwise-boring check-stand and stare at the hanging glittered snowflakes and snowmen?

Yes. Yes, it is. At least, they were all meant to be pleasant things. If Christmas has become something bad, it's not Christmas' fault, but ours.

Anyway, ol' Debra used to become crabby about Early Christmas because she still tried to control the whole world. She'd grown up around lots of other Control Needers and they'd dribbled control issues all over her pointed little head, convincing her there's only one way to be--the right way, as in My Way.

But oh dear. Control Needers only think inside of dark, stuffy boxes. Their stomachs ache a lot and they get arthritis and their hair falls out when the world just won't act My Way. Which is, like, all the time.

And well, somewhere during my (stubborn) journey, I decided that--even if it took the rest of my life--I would wash my hair of that need to control what everyone else is doing.

I would lighten up.
I would laugh a lot. 
I'd stop pushing myself to be perfect.
And I'd let people do what they wanted to do because hey... I couldn't stop them anyway. Only God can change people and maybe He doesn't even want to change them My Way (gasp!).

Layers... these realizations and this freedom have arrived in layers ... and how sweet it is (to quote Jackie Gleason).

And now? Let the stores start playing Christmas music and hanging Santa's and reindeer in April, even. My eyes will pinpoint the delight and childlike wonder in the pretty artwork, I'll remember to be kinder to others and oh, the best thing: I'll celebrate that in Today's world--yay! We're given more time to remember the Baby who came to free zillions of adults who didn't have a clue how to live.


“It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.”
Dale Carnegie 

I refuse to spend my life trying to do something I can do nothing about.  I want something better.


At I enjoy the decorating books which let you peek inside them and have such extensive photos that you feel you saw the entire book. Here's one of those: Better Homes and Gardens: New Cottage Style (preview) (you may have to click on 'look inside'. Use the 'down arrow' for best results).


Anonymous said...

Interesting post, Debra...heh, well, you are not alone in the controlling kin dept!! A brother who really knows very little about what we believe, wrote a very nasty email telling us no more contact (unless we come to his belief). Ok. I have not replied. What can I say? I do feel sad for them however. Small boxes are not fun to live in.

Debra said...

Aw, Elizabeth (it is Elizabeth, isn't it? I had the same thing happen last year with a relative. But you know? I came to see that it was God's way of protecting me from the negativity He'd worked years to bring me out of. And when I view it that way? I can smile and thank God for His kindness, even though the deed hurt originally. But now I just feel free. Thanks for commenting ... Debra

Elizabeth said...

Debra, I love this post! I remember in years past thinking Christmas was being rushed but now I just enjoy it! It is a wonderful time of year, I wish every day could feel like Christmas! My complaint is now people saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

Debra said...

Oh, Elizabeth S.! Yes, exactly. All of what you said. And I'm thinking God is working on both of us to just let people say happy holidays and let Him convict them if He wants. :) (But yes, when I hear people on tv say "Happy holidays," I always reply kinda loudly, "Merry Christmas!" heh. Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am the other Elizabeth...and actually what I did not say is that I do feel relieved. His wife has never in all these years been simply cannot be good enough, kind enough, generous R E L I E F. Yea, sometimes things come in nasty packages, but they can indeed be blessings...sorry should have written a couple more lines to let you know the END of the story perhaps...well, the end now at least...