Sunday, November 10, 2013

Things I've Forgotten to Tell You

1. Tom's South African Adventure has been postponed until sometime in January which is pleasant since he'll avoid our snowiest months here in Buffalo.

2. Naomi didn't have to move from her home in Tennessee after the flood. One of her housemates left, so Naomi moved back upstairs and too, her landlord promised to make some necessary changes to the home's lower portions. Slowly, he's doing so. 

But anyway, Tom and I felt relieved that Naomi still shares a home with other women her age rather than living alone.

3. I've not checked-out a book from our town's library in over a year,probably a record for me. I did, though, visit once to search through the books for sale, whereupon I bought three and a magazine. I'm still rereading the books I already own and buying occasional ones online.

4. On Halloween Tom decided on his way home from work that we should hand out candy this year (we'd agreed not to in the morning) so when he arrived home at 5:30 with the aforementioned candy, ol' Debra got cranky a bit perturbed because she hates indecisiveness and anything smelling of spur-of-the-moment. Well, I jumped up from hiding in the dark and flung open the curtains and turned on the lights, but made Tom hand out candy to trick or treaters while I heated up dinner. 

Then after reminding him for the 236th time in 35 years that I hate double-mindedness (and have God on my side on this one because of James 1:8...heh...), we both agreed that next year we'll hand out candy for sure. Decision made. Quite early.

5. Our neighbors across the street moved away last week. Even though drama sometimes erupted over there, I'll miss them because they helped us in small ways and I liked how the husband worked on cars in the garage in the evenings--the lighted garage reminded me of old-fashioned teen books from the 40's and 50's. 

Also, they were one of four neighbors I felt would help me if I experienced a problem here, especially if Tom was away on a trip, etc. Now I'll just believe the new neighbors will be as helpful when they someday arrive.

6. Remember how our supermarket played terrific golden oldies music? Well, since way back in January, they only occasionally play those, sort of entwine them amongst newer (but not unpleasant) pop music. I'll take it... and be happy.

Hmmm.... and that's probably way more than you wanted to know about life in and around Hobbit Cottage. :)


Oh! Some of you would enjoy a documentary I watched this afternoon through Netflix. It's called Diana Vreeland:The Eye Has to Travel. Although she and I had pretty much nothing in common, her rampant creativity was the type of perfect inspirational shot in the arm I need every few months.


Rosemary said...

Always enjoy reading about Life at Hobbit Cottage. I couldn't help but laugh about Tom's last minute change of mind on Halloween -- I did the very same thing :)

Debra said...

Thank-you, Rosemary! Glad you like hearing about my simple life here. And I had to smile that you changed your mind like Tom did. :) Thanks for commenting! ... Debra