Sunday, November 24, 2013

Can You Believe It's Been Thirty-Five Years?

Wow. Tomorrow Tom and I will have been married 35 whole years! And so today I have a quiz for you:

How are we celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary weekend? (Choose one.)

A.) I am, at this moment, blogging on a laptop beside Tom as we lounge upon an Hawaiian island beach.

B.) We're about to get dressed to drive downtown for the huge 35th anniversary party being held in our honor.

C.) We're inside the viewing car of an Amtrak train weaving through the fields of Nebraska.

D.) We're curled-up in our cozy living room watching The 4400 and Alaska: The Last Frontier, discussing each, and ordering-out for Chinese and grilling steaks.

My longest and most faithful readers instantly knew the answer, didn't you? D. The answer is D.

And you know? Tom and I wouldn't change a thing. Oh, someday we'd love to take another cross country train trip (that's currently the only item upon my bucket list, in fact). But now's not the time. 

And you know? Neither of us wishes we were someplace else or that Life had turned out differently. Not even close. Instead, we're so grateful for these decades together spent mostly on the same page and for our lovely daughter (who mailed us organic chocolate and a sweet card) and for a thousand amazing-to-us adventures. And our homes, our cats and our friends. And mostly for God and Grace.

Truly, we are blessed. We know that--and are thankful.


Oh and speaking of parties, we do have a fancy one to attend soon, one I'd kinda like to miss, but Tom was told it would mean career suicide: his company is holding a suit-and-tie Christmas party at the Pierce Arrow Museum in mid-December. We've wanted to visit that museum for ages, but not exactly under these circumstances. heh.

Oh well.... I've blogged about that before and I do need to whip out my can-do-this-happily attitude soon. :)


Judy said...

I think D sounds more lovely than all the rest.
When you are married to someone you love to be with it doesn't really matter where you are as long as you are together!

K.E. said...

Happy Anniversary Debra and Tom!

Debra said...

Judy--exactly! That's something I think I've always known, but for too many years allowed other people to talk me into believing something else. In areas like those, I love this getting older and wiser stuff. :) Thanks! ... Blessings, Debra

Debra said...


Dolores said...

Happy, happy anniversary!

Pat said...

There's no place like home...and a celebration of 35 years is the best place to enjoy it.
Now as for that party coming up. Put your glad rags on and enjoy...easy for me to say, but I know you will!

Stephanie Stevens said...

Happy Anniversary, Debra and Tom! You're such an inspiration!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary and yes I knew it would be D,sounds great.

Debra said...

Thank-you so much for 'getting it', Dolores, Pat, Stephanie and Elizabeth! Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 35 years and wish you many more to come. We would understand your choice too. Chinese...yum, my favorite food!! I can smell it just thinking about it...wish we had a great place here in NC...oh well, we had a pretty nice one in WA so we enjoyed that as much as we could!!

So, if you have to go fo a fancy party, maybe you get to go shopping for some new clothes too?? Heh, good excuse seems to me!!
Elizabeth in NC for a spell

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Happy Anniversary, Debra and Tom! Many blessings for you both, together!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the Christmas party. As I tell my husband when he really doesn't want to attend a party like that, "It's only one night and it will be over before you know it!"

Rosemary said...

Happy Anniversary Debra & Tom! I love the quote "grow old with me -- the best is yet to be" and wish it for you both.

Bonnie said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! You had a Thanksgiving wedding. Did you use autumn colors? I'd love to hear about your special day 35 years ago.

Do what my mom taught me to do when you go to large events: imagine that you're a visiting dignitary and mingle accordingly. It works.

Heavens....the weatherman says a storm is coming on the day we fly into Buffalo. Bummer.