Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why I Aim to Stay Relatively Low-Tech


Our modem/router/whatever died and I was without the Internet for 53 hours(!)

But you know? After I recovered from the initial hours of Internet Withdrawal Writhing (heh), I liked what I was feeling. I felt as though I'd returned to The Old Days, like I'd gone on vacation, even, like I was, well, free.

Again, after the withdrawal pains. :)

I did tons of housework until I told myself to just stop that insanity. I read books on the porch, well, until the humidity became too oppressive, which means I spent maybe 10 whole minutes each time (oh the humidity!). I laughed and cried along with Boy Meets World dvd's, stared out the window, puttered in my garden and remembered what Life was like pre-2000 when I first went online.

And found it Good, sweetened with oh-so-necessary-to-a-good-life Balance.

This is why I want to remain pretty much low-tech. I don't want to rely on things outside myself  in order to stay at peace, happy, in order to keep my personal world spinning just right.

No, for all that, I wish to rely upon God and Grace and what they've built inside me, that way I'll always have enough should all technology crash or should I be whisked to a proverbial deserted island or a tiny jail cell (for Jesus' sake) and be left with lifeless gadgets (or nothing at all) within my hands. No matter what happens, may I always rely upon the huge, creative, peace-giving God inside me. Always.


"Oh taste and see that the Lord, He is good!"    ... Psalm 34:8

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Terra said...

What a sweet post this is, to be possibly whisked to a jail cell for Jesus' sake, and to read on the porch for 10 minutes before the humidity became too much. Your aim to not be too high tech is one reason I still stick to printed books, not ebooks.