Saturday, July 27, 2013

Morning Mishap

Darn. Darn. Darn.

There I sat on our front porch this morning relaxing, drinking hot chocolate in early, quiet sunlight and thanking God for a marvelous week with Naomi who's turned into just about the sweetest thing, ever, when suddenly.... screeech!

Our neighbor down the street backed out of her driveway and right into Naomi's oh-so-pretty silver rental car.

&*$*^$#%. I confess-- I felt greatly bothered, so there was no A for Debra on this test.

Gah. The neighbor then pulled back into her driveway, I slipped on my shoes, and then this neighbor came out to the intersection as though she was just going to leave(!) But I caught her, she got out, blah, blah, blah..... Naomi's driver's side fender panel is dinged... the woman went to work.... I came in and told Tom who walked over to the car with a neighbor who'd heard the screech.... we called for a patrolman, had to wake up Naomi to this bad news and well, forms were filled out, etc., etc. And this is Naomi's half-birthday and at 5:00 she and Tom will visit this neighbor and take down more information. Etc.

This is only a test... this is only a test.

Naomi took this all very well, for she spends time disciplining her mind to stay positive and view Life Disturbances as valuable lessons. Later the three of us drove around to yard sales and one estate sale in a cozy, many-roomed house with arched doorways, etc.,, bought some cute things, found more cool stuff on various curbs, then out to lunch at our favorite 1950's place beside the river.

It's been a wonderful week and even today turned wonderful when we kept this morning's mishap in the right, this-is-only-a-test perspective.


Oh! Do you love AJ Michalka's dress or what?
The article-writer didn't appreciate it, but 99% of the message board folks did as well as me! :) Lovely retro color and style! See more here.


Terra said...

What a annoying accident, well glad you know who did it, and also that no one was injured, and then your day went on to be enjoyable.

Dolores said...

Glad everything is OK and you had a nice day anyway. You have a great attitude.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you saw what happened!! And at least it is not one of your cars!! The way people drive today, it has become a scary thing to me to drive. Glad no one was hurt!! BODIES do NOT fix so well...I can testify to that!!
Elizabeth back in COOL Washington and loving the cooler air!!