Thursday, July 11, 2013

Needing A Break

I'm thinking those 53 hours without the Internet did me a world of good.

For one thing, I'm feeling humbled because no one seemed to even notice I was gone. :) Not in the Blog, Facebook or email lands. The Internet World still spun just fine without me.

And Debra's World spun along just fine, as well. Simply. Quietly. I remembered that I prefer God's company to all others and that I began this blog as a ministry, an encouragement to you, but lately it's become something more (less?), something too much a part of me. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it did.

I think I need a break, a vacation from the 'me-ness' of this blog. A return to simplicity, to a quiet head, one which isn't always composing blog posts. Some silence up here sounds delicious right about now.

Maybe I'll just be gone 3 days or 3 weeks or 3 months. I don't know. But I guess I need to return to my life as it used to be, for awhile at least. I want to think my own thoughts, to hang out with God and to slip out of this Internet world which is full of clueless people who, well, majorly get on my nerves sometimes. And yes, that's not exactly a 'love is the greatest thing' thought, but I believe that living in this Last Days World will require spending extra time with God in order to get out of this with our sanity still intact and our hearts still willing to take some risks.

So maybe I'm just needing a break so that I can come back here from a more peaceful place... and so this blog can return to a more 'it's about you, not me' place, as well, (even though I always throw in tons of sub-text. I mean, I often wonder, "is anyone getting that my posts are about more than what they appear to be?").

Or something like that...

So until I return, feel free to browse my archives, my life put down into words, 4,000 or more pages' worth. They'll still be here even if I'm someplace else.


In case there's any confusion, I will be back! This is just one of those times I need to rest, relax and maybe even have some fun(!)