Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just a Peek

Whew!  Yesterday the concrete guys arrived (two days early), unannounced, and of course, Tom was in bed because he had to work that night, so the painting guys were at the back door asking questions (ding dong of the doorbell---shhhh!) and the concrete boss was at the front door (loud knock, knock, knock---shhhh!) asking other questions. And the garage still needing to be emptied of stuff (concrete would be poured over the old floor), though not lots of things because Tom made tons of shelves earlier.


But I kept telling myself to relax, to do the best I can and that everything would work out. And it is. Has. Will.

So here's a peek through the crab apple tree of the garage (still needs one more coat of paint) and the new driveway and sidewalk and a few of the workers, as well. (Ignore the junk they pulled out of the garage.)

What an enormous change already. I am so grateful... really.

More and better pictures later. I promise.


I love Western New York. Truly. 

Yesterday I bought some mayonnaise because I'd received my weekly email from my store saying--this week--if I bought Kraft mayo I'd receive a voucher for $2 off any purchase my next visit. 

Well, I bought Kraft mayo, but the olive oil kind (hoping it wouldn't make a difference) and received no $2 voucher. So I went back today, took my mayo with me, plus, a copy of that email and my receipt, too, then picked up a regular bottle of mayo (where I saw a tag below it saying if we buy two bottles we'd get $2 off next time...sigh...) so to make an exchange and try my luck at a voucher. Then took all this stuff and my confusion to the information desk.

Well. I saw just one young man behind the desk and I thought (assumed..tsk..tsk...), he probably wouldn't know what to do about my problem. But after I explained everything, he simply opened the register and handed over 2 $1 bills, took back the mayo I didn't really want--all in a pleasant manner! No sighs. No saying, "Yeah, yeah...whatever....." No slamming the cash register drawer. Just a pleasant, "Have a good one."

I told him, "Oh! You've made my day. Thank-you."

Then I went to Target where the cash register lady called me honey. Then while leaving Dollar Tree, three people held the door open for me,  and for each other, and everybody was thanking everybody else. (That happens all the time here.)

Like I said, I love where I live.



K.E. said...

The peek looks great. I love a yellow house - so cheery!

Bonnie said...

I'm glad you've had such good people around you. I went to Michaels to make a return after work today and boy was the cashier in a bad mood/rude. My only response to her was "Hmm...I don't think I've ever had anyone say that to me before." She kept her eyes down and couldn't get me out of there fast enough. She must have been having a bad day. *sigh* I hope her evening is better.