Monday, September 24, 2012


Is that a spiffy book cover, or what? Not my favorite of Rosamond du Jardin's series (I prefer her Tobey Heydon series beside it, best), but I keep that cover faced outward upon the shelf for its retro beauty.


The yellow is making our house look 3 million times better, even with just the first coat. I'm thrilled with it and grateful we didn't go with a safe, mealy-mouthed yellow. Someday soon I will show you pictures, I promise.

Oh, and I told our painting contractor our daughter's name and he just about flipped. Said, "Oh! I know Naomi. She's an amazing, hard-hitting drummer and an exceptional person!" And on and on he went. He coordinates bands in this area for gigs so he was well-acquainted with her and how lovely to hear our daughter given such a glowing review--made this mother-heart of mine smile.


Remember those Scholastic books I bought from Ebay? I just finished reading this one:

... and wow. Amazing insight, descriptions and story. Read about it here. Not for kids only! I'll now definitely order another of this author's books, an adult one called November Grass, one I'm thinking many of you might like, as well. Check it out.


Don't you just love this cooler, more colorful time of year? I do. In fact, I felt like celebrating Autumn so I actually wore a black skirt and black footless-tights to the supermarket this morning. Wore too-small shoes, though (which are headed right back to Salvation Army, trust me), but otherwise, it felt fun to dress-up, even just for buying groceries. In fact, perhaps I've found my new style. Hmm.


See? I told you--fluff. Just fluff today, but really? Lately I'm enjoying simply living, appreciating, reminding myself to focus and just reaping good things from all I've learned these past many years. So perhaps that's more than just fluff--feels stronger, deeper in real life, anyway..

God is very, very good.


And something funny.... In the same conversation, our painting contractor asked me, "Don't you drive? It seems like you're always home."

Heh. I told you I'm a homebody!  :)



Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with being a homebody!! Tis where I am most of the time too...and now with hubby retired, he does all the driving. Told him the other day I need to drive a bit now and again...just to stay in practice!!

I think the nearly perfect weather days are helping a great many folks to feel pretty least we are sure grateful. In the midst of all the moving, etc and work of that, we can even open up the house!! Much to be grateful for in this location...plenty of years the AC still had to be on 100% of the time during September.

Nice to hear folks speak well of our children, agreed. And a newly painted house is enjoyable too.
Elizabeth in NC

Robin in New Jersey said...

I'm a homebody, Debra. Sometimes days go by and my car doesn't leave the driveway!

Echoes From the Hill said...

I also love the fall weather. I'm also a homebody. Sometimes I just want to cocoon and enjoy the simple life that I have created.

Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh the homebody story is a funny one. It reminds me of when I was a young mother and I stopped working to stay home with our son and hopefully have another baby. My (male) neighbor told me I "needed to get some goals." Hahahahaha! I've laughed so hard over that over the years. Little does he know those babies are now wonderful, productive adults.

How sweet to get an unexpected compliment on Naomi! It doesn't get any better.

Yellowhouse Grandma said...

I Love being a homebody! But I sure was surprised when I did go out to town yesterday just how beautiful the trees have become the past few days I've been hidden away at home! I so enjoyed my trip out. Went to the post office to mail a birthday card to my father in law who turns 90 tomorrow. And a letter to my pen pal in Germany and since she is a scout leader I was delighted to put the Scouting stamp on her letter. So glad I dint just stick them in the box out here!
Sure looking forward to pictures of your house Debra!