Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poor ol' Debra has a cough... cough... cold. Argh.

Yet worse than that is yesterday I found some information online about the painless infection I've had for months inside one of my root canal teeth. Good grief. If I'd known it could turn into something so dangerous I'd have taken care of it months ago. (The dentist did give me antibiotics, said it was a first step and to call him if they didn't help. I finally called him this morning.) Maybe this explains my months-long crankiness and forgetfulness, both which have bugged me, not to mention Tom.

Eegads. That type of information should be plastered everywhere so that we're all aware of it. Yet it's hidden (practically), quite like other health information I've, thankfully, discovered online through sites like Dr. Mercola's and others.

Well, don't get me started about that.

But being the Practical Helper Of The People (which I like to imagine I am) I'm compelled to share this latest possible life-saving information here in my blog. Again, you can read what I'm talking about here. And for additional scary news, go here.

But since I also like to share good news, here's some: Probably eight years ago at a library sale, I found a dusty old (1960's) copy of The Wind Blows Free by Loula Grace Erdman. It takes place in the late 1800's around the Texas Panhandle and is--seriously--one of the best books ever. Ever. Always, it feels new-to-me and always I can't set it aside until I reach the final page.

Now, there are two more books in that series, but whenever I've looked them up online, they've each cost around $30. Being such an extreme cheapskate, I've always thought, "Well, I'll just wait awhile till a cheaper one appears." Alas, eight years later--I still owned just the first book.

Finally, though, I checked at last week and wow! All three books have been reprinted. I was shocked--and grateful, of course. But even better, a nice old hardback copy of the second book, The Wide Horizon, was available for only around $3.50.

Don't you just love it when that happens?

Now, when it arrived, I lectured myself not to expect it to be as amazing as the first book. I mean, who writes two perfect books in a row? But oh my, as I devoured this book I sometimes wondered if it perhaps wasn't even better than the first. Wow. Soon I'll order the third book.

Anyway, if you enjoyed The Little House books and/or A Lantern In Her Hand, you'll adore these books by Loula Grace Erdman. Absolutely guaranteed and you can take that to the bank (and all that). And how amazing that now, I can share them with you because they've been reprinted after so very long. God is good.


Elizabeth said...

Hope you are feeling better! The books sound wonderful, I have a set of "Little House" books. My grandaughter And I love them.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I'd like to read the first click-able link you give, but an add keeps popping up on it. And I can not get rid of this pop-up add. And I am certainly not going to click on the pop-up add. :-(

Just telling you.......

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

And I tried another click-able link you have farther down in your post. Same thing happens.

I must click on pop-up and give them my email addy, in order to read the information article. Then they have my email addy and can send me stuff and sell my email addy to other people, wishing to push things.


-le sigh-

I guess I'll have to do my own Search on the topic.

Judy said...

I took a chance and gave my email address.

Now I want to have all of my teeth pulled.