Monday, December 07, 2009

Do you know how "They say" --in December--one should never start a new diet or paint a room or start a new exercise program lest it push one over into Stress Land? Well, guess who's dieting and painting and exercising?

Yes, I am.

I mean, it's been Conviction City around here. God's been all over me to eat better (and less often), exercise regularly, laugh more, get my house in order, complain less and take some apple cider vinegar each day (or perhaps that one was just conviction from Naomi. heh).

So as I've finally given-in and begun obeying those convictions there's been a special grace upon me to do so. For after all, when God asks us to do a thing, He provides the will and the way and the strength to obey. But only if we cooperate with Him in His timing.

And wonder of wonders, surprise surprise, I've been feeling a zillion percent better. Imagine! Feeling better after obeying ones convictions. Who'd have thought it?

But alas. I am still not feeling any great conviction to do Christmas on a grand scale. You know, the decorating, the partying, the mega card writing, the caroling, the bleary-eyed Christmas special watching and all that. No, with each year comes less and less of a willingness and nudging to join in with all the Ho Ho Ho.

And each year, Christmas gets better and better.

Of course, I could be concerned about my lack of Bigtime Christmassing. Heaven knows some of my friends and relatives are. But you know? I've a feeling if God was concerned about it, He'd let me know. Loud and clear. The same way He's been handing out all those convictions I mentioned, above. And trust me, I'd listen-up and put on my Christmas face if He told me.

But He's not. So this December, Christmas will be simpler than last. I bought my gifts online, I'll mail a few Christmas cards, I'll enjoy your Christmas photos in your blogs, but I'll decorate a day or two before Naomi arrives for Christmas dinner. I'll go around humming Angels We Have Heard on High, I'll probably watch A Christmas Story on TBS on Christmas Day and I'll meditate upon the One whom we celebrate on December 25th.

And I'll call it Good.

And then I'll celebrate Christmas the other eleven months of the year in creative ways as I always prefer to do. After all, I believe Jesus came to make every month, every day, the most wonderful time of the year.


Philip Gulley's latest Grace Talk is awesome. Read it here.


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Jan said...

Good idea about Christmas!

... Paige said...

you know "they say" many things and some call them "wives tales" I want to know what wife has a tail and why "they" think so.

Merry Christmas and let stress flurry down the road to nose dive in a pile of snow.

Anonymous said...

A Time to Think
Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves. —Eric Sevareid (1912-1992), American newscaster

Nice quote.

Louise said...

I too have scaled back on Christmas ... not many decorations up ... shopping for the grandgirls will wait 'till next week and gifts will be items they can use ... toiletries, socks, hair things, etc.

p.s. how much apple cider do you take?

~Karen said...

I know that taking apple cider vinegar for indigestion and I do for that. It is rough going down but it actually works. Why did Noami say to do it each day???

May God Bless You as your on that road of conviction.

Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone! I enjoyed all your comments. I answered some of your comments at your blogs, but Karen, apple cider vinegar is supposed to be great for just about every problem under the sun (look it up online and you'll see what I mean). I don't believe all the claims, but I *am* noticing that it does curb my appetite--and that's a miracle! hee.

Blessings, Debra

~Karen said...

Thanks for answering my question. Wow...didn't know that about the appetite. I sure do need some for that. hehehe. I will have to look up more benefits of the vinegar.
I do know this morning after my husband and I took always, my hubby was playing around, while taking the vinegar was turning his head saying, "No, don't want that. Thats what Jesus said and did while they were trying to give it to him...Its going to do it....going to work." My hubby is something else...God bless me. Hehehe.

Dapoppins said...

Your Christmas is sounding quiet peaceful!

How is the apple cider vinegar working out? I have seen and heard that it is good for our bodies and digestion but never tried it consistently.