Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hmmm... I'm thinking some of you missed the point of my post about my neighbor not saying a word about my house. So alas, here's my point: I believe I should go through Life with my eyes and heart wide open so that I'm always ready to respond in kindness, appreciation and love to others, rather than thinking of my own needs, first.

That was it. Nothing more. And I have a feeling God likes that idea.

Well, anyway... Tom and I are back to needing a makeover on the way we live. It blows my mind how often we keep arriving back at this, well, wall. He may have a pinched nerve in his back--it's been hurting for nearly two weeks--a lot. And I've had this infection in my mouth for months (doesn't hurt, though) which antibiotics didn't heal and I need to decide the next step. And we must change our diet once and for all and quit fooling around about it.

In other words, we are reaping royally from the bad seeds we have sown and it's been a crop of bad stuff.

I'm just now finally accepting the fact that, at 50, my body is becoming high maintenance territory. After much kicking and screaming, I am giving-in and 'doing the work,' even though I'd much rather keep sailing along, carefree and easy. But alas, already I've glimpsed where carefree and easy takes me--and I hate that place. Hate it a lot.

Any prayer for poor ol' aging Tom and me would be appreciated.

You need some good news, you say? My Susan Boyle cd arrived yesterday! (Scroll down there at amazon to hear bits of each song.) Love, love, love it. The songs, Wild Horses and Who I Was Born to Be, especially, fit perfectly the feel of our old farmhouse sitting out upon these fields of snow. Dreamy stuff.


"A man(woman) sows what he (she) reaps..."


Oh, and Tom enjoyed Julie and Julia more than he thought he would. :)


Patty H. said...

Debra, thank you for your sweet, encouraging comment.
We are under a winter weather warner, up to 12 in. some reports. Yeah!! I love the snow.
I understand about 'high maintenance territory'. If I don't start making the right choices now, in a few yrs when I'm 50, I may be ready for the junk yard.
Will keep you and your Tom in my prayers as you start this new 'makeover'

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

"I'm just now finally accepting the fact that, at 50, my body is becoming high maintenance territory."

Oh Dear One, when you approached 50, I held my breath. Having hit that perilous age, many years before... And knowing from my experience, and watching the experience of others... I trembled-in-side a bit.

But--- Amazingly for me--- I did not say such, to you! And believe me, I'm very *proud* of myself for this. -giggles-

But anyway, the only way for any of us to learn, is by ourselves. You have learned. I can now say I am happy you have. And with learning, you'll do a lot of necessary but odious stuff. -giggles-

But not all that odious, are the changes we need to make... After all, the alternative to taking care of ourselves, is "unthinkable" as they say. :-)

Best wishes with health things which are giving you both grief, now....