Saturday, October 31, 2009

Like Road Trip Movies?

It is a grey, rainy Saturday morning here and I just finished watching the most perfect grey, rainy Saturday morning type of movie. It was called Bonneville. Slow-paced, a road trip with wonderful scenery from my old stomping grounds (perhaps another reason I loved it), close friendships --when the credits rolled I longed for more, at least another hour's worth. Read about Bonneville here. In fact, you can even watch it instantly at Netflix, at least, as I write this you can. A perfect contemplative film for a slow, quiet morning, especially for those of us of a 'certain age.'

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Vicki/Jake said...

I've seen it and like you.. loved it. And after reading your last post, I sooo agree with you on the way Christmas is done now with all the hoopla on decorating...BLAH!
I saw a cute picture on an email...A house and yard was in full regal for Christmas..way overdone. The house right next to it had red lights lit up across the top of the garage with an arrow pointing to the other house and it said DITTO .. Love it!