Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Always, I am being taught.

Always, the Holy Spirit is involved, somehow, but I am always, nearly every hour, being taught something. Or lately, it might be closer to being reminded of something I, with my 50-year-old brain, have forgotten.

So lately I'm being taught (or reminded) that if my house doesn't feel as fun and happy and special as I'd like, well, it's my own fault. Creativity is flowing within me, but in allowing myself to become overwhelmed and lazy, that flow gets all plugged-up. No use blaming a lack of time or finances, either. We do what we really want to do--we always find a way. That's what I believe, anyway.

Similarly, if my life isn't going the way I'd like--then to a point--that's my own responsibility. Each day I can do something to make Life better. Even tiny improvements are still improvements. I can clean out closets or drawers which have been bugging me or have a key copied which I worry about losing or paint that chair which makes me sigh whenever I pass by it. But oh my, how I pray to keep far away from the whining, "I can't help its." Helpless, complaining, 'imaginationless' women have forever given me headaches and if I become one I won't be able to tolerate myself. (And if I can't tolerate myself, uh-oh! One can't escape oneself, you know, because wherever you go, there you are.)

Learning, relearning, remembering... all day long. That's how it's been for me since around 1994, the year God convicted to stop thinking I already knew it all. Know It All's stop learning somewhere along their paths. They stop listening to new ideas because they believe their old ones are the only ones worth knowing. How sad. And how grateful I am that God shook me out of that lifestyle long ago, for the journey since then has been, well, amazingly full, with new lessons every hour. All these years, all these lessons, all these hours.


"It's the little foxes which spoil the vine...."


Here's some interesting reading about the swine flu. Interesting and controversial, but I believe we should be reading both sides.


Pat said...

So often I have felt just this way...I'll pass by something that bugs me or needs attention and like you, I'll just sigh. Nothing but myself keeps me from it. I do find I get much more accomplished when I'm home alone - not a likely scenario since hubby retired! But, I will step forward and take some action! No body stops me but myself!!

Tina said...

Do you think sometimes if we dream about something for too long it comes to a point where "the dream's the thing" and attaining it actually leaves a void until we are filled with a new, different dream?


Donetta said...

Hello Dear heart.
So true so true.
I just came in from the kids to the bus stop. I have waited to decorate for fall until after the 31st well I can do the inside. That was my thought when I came in. I still have to hold the reins for climbing the attic steps is on hold another day or two. Perhaps asking for my husbands help is in order :)