Friday, February 22, 2008

Kinda-Sorta Back

I'm back! Well mostly. Good ol' Tom 'caved' and signed up for DSL here at our Grace Place. He got a terrific deal and his boss is even chipping in five dollars per month since Tom often must bring his work home (work which really doesn't even require the Internet. hmm.). Plus, his company has given him their own laptop computer, so hey... add all that up and what choice did he have? I guess.

Part of me was enjoying being computer-free a lot. A whole lot. No more addiction--no more having to check-in all the time to Computer Land in case I was missing something important. No more looking-up every tiny curiosity inside my head. No more feeling pressured to keep up with my email. I mean after all--with no computer here and with Tom's having the car at work and with our living in what looks like Alaska right now, well,I couldn't just stroll to the library any ol' time. What could I do but just let it all wait?

But there's a best of both worlds thing here with this new DSL thing. Tom will have this laptop with him at the plant 40 hours a week so I'll still be mostly computer-free except on the weekends. Sounds sane and good to me, at least in this season of my life.

Anyway. Remember when I was dreaming about moving to Mt. Airy, NC? You know, the place very much like Andy Griffith's Mayberry? Well, yesterday some photos arrived from my friend, Wilma, who visited Mayber--, er, Mt. Airy last week on vacation with her husband.

The photos made me insane.

Oh, I immediately wanted to pack up and move there this weekend. The town was everything I'd imagined--old-fashioned, cozy and fun. But what really made me bonkers and brought tears to my eyes? The trees in Mt. Airy have green leaves on them. In February! Oh my goodness... Here I am living in the North Pole (well, might as well be) with white snow and ice and gloomy grey skies and brown, bare trees and where it's a great day if I can make it back from the convenience store without my face freezing to numbness. And then there are people living in NC (and other places) where trees have green leaves and they can walk and walk without risking losing their face and assorted limbs.

Sigh. Tom and I have gotta get out of here. I still love this tiny cottage, but it's the outside of it which is making me crazy.

Oh well... I guess this all shows me I'm not sticking close enough to Grace... not listening and not receiving what she has to give. Too often we struggle and struggle to get what God is standing there handing us. So today will be another of my Receiving Days, a day where I stop complaining or trying to make myself happy when I peer out the window to all the ice and dirty snow.

I'll just, instead, receive His joy and strength and contentment. They're always a million times better than anything I try whipping up, myself.


Anonymous said...

Dear Debra,
Don't feel bad some of us in the good old state of NC (the eastern half anyway) wouldn't mind a little of that North Pole stuff...what's it called? Oh yes, snow. *smile*

Outside right now the birds are crowding around at the buffet bar, the sky is grey gloomy and has opened wide and dumping lots of "already melted" snow. If the temp would drop just a wee bit more we might just see some white stuff. Here's hoping. *smile*

Have a Great Day,

Anonymous said...

Dear Debra,
Your thoughts this morning made me think of the part in the Disney Cinderella movie where Cinderella is talking to Bruno the dog after he has been dreaming about catching Lucifer the cat and Cinderella tells him "just learn to like cats." Then she says there must be something good about the cat but then she herself can't think of anything good about the cat.

I had a sudden thought as I read your blog about "just learn to like snow". Sometimes I feel like that about rain, since I live in Washington state. Sometimes the gray days seem like they will never go away, but when the fog rolls in I love it although not everyone else does.

Congratulations on getting DSL. I love it when you write. By the way we are waiting for little tiny green leaves here too.


Anonymous said...

Good to know that you're back in cyberspace. Sounds like you should move to Perth. It never snows and a cold winter's morning is when it drops to 1 or 2 degrees Celcius. (About 35 degrees Fahrenheit.)

smilnsigh said...

Yessss, you got DSL! 'Tis so much nicer to have the _option_ of going on the Net. Than to not have the _option_. Yes, I emphasize option. 'Cause it can always remain so. All it takes is our determination. :-)

And glad to hear that Wilma/Bob made a trip to Mt. Airy. Those two are so lucky, to still be able to take trips!!! That is something, which is way in our past.

But, no need of crying over spilt milk. We have nice memories, of trips once taken.

I just hope that those who can still do this {take trips}, are fully appreciative of how lucky they are. :-)


daisydreamer said...

There's a struggle to find the niche, the balance: to be ready to move on at His leading but to be content in the presence of His present. Not always an easy place to be.

Valerie - Still Riding said...

Thank you