Monday, February 04, 2008

Gee, I miss the sun. We've not seen it since last Thursday. I even walked around our new neighborhood on one of those murky, grey (oh so very grey) days and every house, even the few special ones, appeared bleak and woeful. And I didn't even feel safe--the occasional men I glimpsed all reminded me of leary-eyed guys from scary scenes in the CSI shows. I even decided that from now on I'll cross the road and take the sidewalk which leads me back to my old neighborhoods where I walked for 14 years. You know, the normal single-family houses, no-apartments-anywhere streets. That's how dark and grey and foreboding it was on my walk that day.

What a difference the sun makes!

And just arriving here at the library this morning and finding all your cheery comments to my last post made it seem as though the sun finally sprang out from behind the clouds. Even though it didn't in reality. So thank-you! It's great to travel here and feel as though a whole group of friends is awaiting me.

Speaking of that, I'm loving not having computer access at our house. Well, maybe not loving it, exactly, but appreciating how it is stretching me... making me more patient regarding my peeks into Computer Land... and happy to return to a more balanced way of handling all this. I'm already praying that, when we do have computer access again, I'll remain set free from checking-in all the time or having this online world on my mind way too often.

Sometimes you have to do extreme things to keep yourself balanced and exactly where--and how--God wants you to be. So that you can hear Him more clearly and live free enough to always be in the right places at the right time and in your right mind... as in, not distracted, but rather, aware of that still, small voice. And not sitting in a computer chair when He wanted you at the supermarket when that elderly lady needed your help.

And you may have to think about that paragraph awhile because, mostly, it was a reminder for myself. (The older I become, the more I must write everything down...sigh...) It's never easy to die to self--to stop feeding, to actually starve, our weaknesses-- but it's always worth it afterward. Always, the freedom afterward makes any little aches and ripping-away pains so very worth it.


nancyr said...

I can really relate to this post. I spend entirely too much time on the computer. The need to "check in" shows me that I need to "get a life" and do something constructive.
Great post.

Saija said...

blogging has been such a blessing to me ... but sometimes it seems to have a mind of it's own and keep me at the computer longer than i have time for ... so i know what you mean ...

hope the sun shines for you soon ... and i pray that you keep enjoying your time in that "cottage" God provided!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I know that your dad passed away not too long ago. My dad passed away the day after Christmas. I can't seem to stop thinking about him and wonder if its the same for you. I was not super close to him - but still have alot of great memories. I know he is with Jesus - I am happy for that - but mostly sad that my mom doesn't have him anymore.


... Paige said...

Very glad you are well. Sad about the creepy feeling you had on your walk. Maybe you should start carrying a walking staff or something-HEY I know a dog. Yeah that’s it a big giant dog to fill up the little corner you have been saving for you don't know what.
Do be careful out on your walks.