Monday, February 25, 2008

I live in four rooms. Well, there's a laundry closet, too, so technically that may mean four-and-a-half. But either way, this is one tiny place.

And yet, you know? Most days this apartment feels like oodles of enough space for Tom and me. When he's in the living room watching tv or he's on the computer (or both. A mirror hangs over the computer table so he can view the tv in its reflection. Silly, I know.), well, I can sit out at my spiffy desk in the dining room and pretend I have a whole office. Or I can watch the small tv in our bedroom while sitting in bed, gazing at magazines or playing with our cats (who believe this room, actually, belongs to them). Or I can even carry the tv into the kitchen and cook for hours while enjoying the company of favorite tv people. Or I could also exercise in the dining room (or the bedroom in between our beds) or take a long bubble bath in the bathroom.

And when Tom's not home, well, wow! Then I get the whole living room to myself where I can do nearly all of the above, (except for taking the aforementioned bubble bath. heh.). I can even sit in front of the windows and soak up the sun, reading while drinking coffee or just loll upon the couch and watch our new flat screen tv, the only tv which picks up our basic (basic!) cable channels.

And I've not even mentioned my current projects. I'm creating a notebook with homemaking and health ideas which I'm clipping from magazines... I'm reading about how to use our complicated-appearing juicer which I got at a yard sale last summer (talk about procrastinating...)... I'm planning the decor of our next house out on paper--the color of the rooms and what I will need to buy. You know, trying to plan all the whimsy without making it look planned... And I'm adding to my menu list for our meals for more variety and learning more about eating well... and I'm writing snail mail letters, planning my Spring/Summer wardrobe and learning to store things in small spaces...

... and I'm trying to take walks each day that it's at least 25 degrees outside, often walking the five blocks to the convenience store for Woman's World magazine (to add to my health notebook) and usually cherry yogurt and peanuts (the height of their health food selection there. heh). And too, I like to visit the Deli down the street to encourage them as well as other businesses (chicken fingers, anyone?). The other day it hit me--in a way, the street at the end of ours is well, my own little Mayberry. Small businesses everywhere, most of them probably struggling since that street mostly caters to those of us who live nearby. And well, how fun to think of it as Debra's Mayberry!

I guess what this (rambling, long, boring) post is attempting to say is this: If my world feels tiny it's only because my imagination is tiny. If I keep my imagination huge and polished and growing, well, these four rooms will keep expanding and expanding until all the walls appear open, like window glass, welcoming anything and anyone I wish to let inside.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Hi Debra, I do enjoy reading your blog. I feel soothed, comforted and inspired by what you say...I don't know if I'll ever get out of my too big house, but I can dream too....(I'll stay as long as Andy is in school, at least.) You and Tom were lucky (blessed) to have been able to sell your house when you did! And I think you are doing wonderfully well in your dollhouse. I dream of something much smaller and all on one floor!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Debra, I do feel for you. In the NW I do not have t deal with snow. But months of gray and rain. Spring usually dos not come for a while. Although this year we have been blessed with sun and warm days of 50, yeah !!! I hope it gets sunnier for you. Love Clarice

daisydreamer said...

This reminded me of my favorite Psalm: 139. I used to chaffe at the thought of being "hemmed" in. His "hand upon me" felt heavy because I was seeing where I thought I wanted/needed to be instead of feeling protected and held--even cuddled. Your time right now is a "held" time...and it sounds so serene.

... Paige said...

Grey, do you mean silver and pewter skies, sparkling like precious metals. The golden sun sending out rays of liquid gold that puddles in spots on the snow or on the windows.
Debra you are great in your views and hopes. You inspire those of us that are lucky enough to have found your blog.
Please change the picture on this post. For the most part it is good but I really do not like that big dark cloud that appears right above the lady’s head. It's kinda scary.

Have a super day in what ever room you are in.