Thursday, May 11, 2006

Whatever You're Doing--It Matters

(For the men reading this--hang in there... this is for you, too.)

"Begin believing that the time, energy and emotion you invest daily in the soulcraft of homecaring--carving out a haven for yourself and those dear to you--is a sacred endeavor. Life holds no more guarantee for us than it did for our Victorian foremothers yet they faced the future with full hearts, determined to create a lasting work of art; a happy, secure, and beautiful retreat of love and laughter. We can, too." (From Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach)

Something amazing happened when I finally realized that when I am washing dishes, planting my garden, folding the laundry, mopping the floors -- it matters.

It is important. Whatever God is asking me to do at any given time--there is nothing more important anywhere on this Earth that I could be doing instead. Obedience to God is big stuff. It doesn't get any bigger than that.

The most discontented people I know are those who go to work believing they should be doing something else. Something better, higher, more meaningful, more important.

Nothing we do is unimportant. Every task we complete means something to God, if not to anyone else. And where we get into trouble is when we believe that isn't good enough. That what we do only means something if people tell us so. But God would tell us so if only we would lean closer toward Him to hear Him better.

But we too often lean the other way--toward people and what they think and say about what we do. And if they say nothing, we try harder, yet still there is no peace, not the permanent kind, anyway, because real, lasting peace only comes from the encouraging whispers of God, not man.

Whatever our job--it matters. It matters how we do what we do. The discipline matters. The faithfulness matters. The lessons we learn in the middle of it all-- they matter... as well as the tests which come to show us what we've missed understanding along the path.

God rewards faithfulness. And promotion first goes through God's hands before it comes down through 'the boss' and then to us. Promotion comes from God and He knows just the right time to hand it to us. He's been watching all along and He knows when we are ready for the next thing. But it will come only after we realize the importance of this present thing... when we replace complaining with gratitude... sloppiness with attention to detail... wishing with work... our worst with our best...

... and the desire to do everything through and for Him.

It all matters more than we know:

Time with God
Time with family
Our home
Our yard
Our friendships
Our job
Our chores
Our blog
Our choices
Our car maintenance
Our personal maintenance
Our kindness to strangers & animals
Our words
Our tone
Our deeds
Our smile
Our attitude...

...important--all of it.

(And wow... After looking at that list I wonder how I ever find the time to complain/whine/moan/groan!)

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