Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Life Worth Watching

Last night Tom and I finally saw the movie, The Greatest Game Ever Played. Of course, we loved it. We love most inspirational sports' movies and too, Shia Le Beouf has amazed us ever since Disney's series, Even Stevens (yes, I'll confess--we used to watch that show. Worse, we, both of us, enjoyed it to pieces.)

But, er, anyway...

Have you ever noticed that, when it comes to biographical films, the most difficult lives make the best movies? The best inspirational films are about those people who were constantly chosen last for teams in gym and those who were lonely, ignored or taunted. Never handed anything for free. Often discouraged by their parents.

Always, there was something to overcome and what makes their life incredible, is that they overcame--conquered--what had threatened to yank them under and crush them.

The lives of conquerors are the most inspiring lives. Other people watch those lives, whether on film or not, and feel renewed hope seeping into their pores. You don't have to show your life upon a movie screen for it to be watched.

There is a Bible verse we all know:

"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." ... Romans 8:37

Something funny? We all want to be conquerors, but we don't want to actually have to conquer anything. That can get messy, after all. Downright uncomfortable and challenging.

It amazes me how many other bloggers have spouses who live with chronic pain. I have one of those, too. In fact, this morning I will travel with him to get one of his quarterly pain injections for his back. The wait is usually three hours. I am thankful they put in a tiny coffee shop in the hall two years ago--I take my canvas bag of books and magazines and wish for more light in that hall while I sip my coffee and try to read with these 46-year-old eyes. But the best part is that, in reality, this time becomes a date with God... quiet time in a public place... time to catch-up with one another about new things.

But anyway, what I'm hoping to convey by this post is a reminder... A reminder that the most interesting, hope-filled, inspiring lives are those in which someone had something huge to overcome. A life where your joy and faith and love are tested on a regular basis--and yet it's obvious to all watchers, you, the main character, have conquered what threatened to knock you down.

And instead, you came up, even smiling, because on your way downward, you met the living God, the lifter of heads--and that has made all the difference--to you and to all those within the film of your life.

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