Thursday, October 11, 2012

Walking Around In Autumn

Took another walk this morning and oh, that frosty autumnal breeze! Exhilarating-plus.

I strolled down streets like these and meditated upon this verse:

"Man's goings are of the Lord; how can a man then understand his own way?" ... Proverbs 20:24

Oooh...... get that one clear in your brain and you stop falling apart when people question your motives or methods or accuse you of wasting your life on strangers. You cease waiting for anyone's approval and you simply continue with what God's asked you to do for hey! If we barely comprehend what God's has us doing, how can we then expect others to get it?

I mean, really. Think about it.

Layers... We understand this stuff in layers. And now, don't laugh, but it's like those Tootsie Roll pops with the chewy chocolate centers and well, the deeper we go--the longer we hang in there doing the right thing even if the right thing isn't happening to us--we move closer to that center and oh..... It's so very, very good there.

Because Jesus is good. He is the center and He never changes-- He's never in a sour mood and He never falls out of love with us. And that, my friends, is reason enough for me to overflow with joy no matter what's happening on the outside--or the inside of my heart, it that's the case. He means more to me than any circumstance around and always, I can choose to be happy. Any day, any time, anywhere.


"..for the joy of the Lord is my strength...."  ... Nehemiah 8:10

"For the vision is for its appointed time, it hastens towards 
its end and it will not lie; although it may take some time, 
wait for it, for come it certainly will before too long." ... Habakkuk 2:3


I love my new header--I keep pulling myself away from staring at it and dreaming. It's so easy to take good pictures where I live, even though I don't know what I'm doing, because it's just so beautiful here. (That area, especially, was quiet and like stepping through an invisible wall back to a sunny autumn afternoon in the 1950's.)



Elizabeth said...

Debra, I enjoy your walks! Read my last post about the way God protected my daughter.

Anonymous said...

If one is going to live in a town, how very nice to be so surrounded by many trees!! Very pretty!!
Elizabeth in NC

Debra said...

Elizabeth--I commented at your blog, but will say here wow! That was such divine protection for your daughter. Amazing.

Elizabeth in NC--yes! Coming over the bridge into our town that's mostly what we see--a huge expanse of trees. They are so gorgeous this time of year--I love it!

Thanks, Ladies... Debra