Friday, November 06, 2009

So there I was healing after the Oreo thing and then an even larger tragedy happened, one which involved the death of a co-worker of Naomi's and three other teens. 

Our whole community is still reeling from that, and so was I, hurting for the families of all involved, especially for the parents of Naomi's co-worker--they lost their only child and may be sued by the other families for wrongful death, etc.. It's all an awful, terrible, tragic mess.

And then the Fort Hood tragedy happened yesterday so I'm reeling again, especially since two of my nephews are in the military.

One asks, among other questions, will it never end? And well, no, not according to the Bible. Ok, technically yes, after the whole Armageddon thing, but no, not before that. So it behooves me to stay closer to God than ever and heal after each catastrophe, because always there will come more, and too, so that I can help others to heal as well in these days of well, insanity.

There are no set timetables for such healing--we are, each of us, made of different temperaments and personalities and experiences, creating vastly unique combinations of each so that no one can say, "It should only take you (fill in the blank) days to get over that." No, we're way too different in that regard.

But here's the important thing--we need to heal. We need to allow God to comfort, restore and sew up our heart each time it's damaged otherwise we become people walking around with tender, gaping wounds always close to bursting open again, and preferring detachment over love, always seeing the dark side (and complaining bitterly about it) and never experiencing any real freedom or joy. And unable to help others complete their healing and find freedom for themselves.

Just as we are all unique, healing comes in different ways. For me, I've spent much of this cloudy week upstairs in our white, quiet guest room alone, (well, with Lennon and McCartney The Cats), reading, thinking, praying and watching favorite old comfort shows. 

It's felt like down time, even wasted time and has not been exciting or fun-- waiting room times seldom are--but the hours have been necessary. Healing hours always are.


"You have turned my mourning into dancing for me... you have put off my sackcloth and girded me with gladness." ... Psalm 30:11


I so appreciated your condolences regarding Oreo. Thanks so much.


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

You are right, Debra. We all need these healing times. We need them for ourselves but also for the world so that we will be strong for those who need us, those we are supposed to help.

I am so sorry for this newest blow to Naomi, and all of you.

Louise said...

Sorry to learn of personal heart ache and ache with you over the loss of lives in Texas and now Florida. You are right, we need down time and time to heal and we are the only ones to give ourselves that gift.

Laura said...

Loss is difficult to bear, but one right after another can seem unbearable. I had this thought yesterday when trying to stay away from much news over the Ft. Hood tragedy (and more all over our state and personal lives lately) - how it made me Homesick. I don't think God personally creates all the chaos and pain but I do think He uses it as a time to remind us that we are not at home here. This isn't permanent and neither is the pain.

I'm praying you continue to heal and allow yourself the time you need to do it.

Pearl said...

Thank you Debra, and I'm praying for you and the world.

Jammie J. said...

I'm so sorry. (hugs)

... Paige said...

Feel better.