Sunday, November 22, 2009

Because of all the years Tom had to work on holidays, I've not been a huge fan of them. But now his company changed their policy and no one works holidays. Finally! A terrific policy change which only took a couple decades to make. Alas.

So here I was sitting around the house a couple weeks ago, feeling a little sad about Thanksgiving because, since Naomi and Carl broke up this year, he wouldn't be attending our family dinner. And what will Thanksgiving be without good ol' Carl?

But then, it's almost as if a tiny voice whispered, "Why not pray that he'll still come over?". I thought, "Hey! That's a great idea." And so that's what I did-- I prayed that Naomi would want to bring Carl along. I also vowed not to give her hints, either, since I didn't feel it was right to ask my daughter to bring her ex-boyfriend. Some things just aren't my business, after all.

Well, guess what? Days later while Tom and I sat in the living room watching tv, he received a text message from Naomi. She asked if it would be all right to bring Carl along for Thanksgiving.

Wow. Don't you just love it when you back-off of something and then God comes through and does perfectly what you probably would have messed up? I certainly do.

I'm already secretly praying Carl will be here for Christmas. :)


"You have not because you ask not..."


Pat said...

I love it what that happens! It's one of those "let go and let God" moments!
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Donetta said...

Your going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love.
It is so wonderful when our hearts are met with desires fulfilled.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Jammie J. said...

That *is* pretty cool. :)