Friday, November 27, 2009

My First (& Perhaps Only Ever) Giveaway!

Sometimes I get excited about the simplest things...

Last week I rearranged our living room, the biggest change being that I placed our couch perpendicular to the wall, making this rectangular room look much more square ( a good thing).

And so this morning Tom drove to work and I created a breakfast of Thanksgiving leftovers, then I sat down to watch an episode of the tv series, Fame, and well, while watching the dancers on the screen, that's when this lightning bolt idea hit me while sitting there in our recliner:

"Why not use the back of our couch as a ballet barre?"

Oh! I sat my plate aside and jumped up off the recliner and skittered to the back of the couch to try it out. Wow. Who knew that a couch's back could make a terrific ballet barre? (And why didn't I think of this sooner during the past, well, forever, that I've longed for a ballet barre of my own?)

So look out World.... Debra is going to get back into shape again. She's got her ballet barre to prove it.


P.S. Speaking of Fame, I'd bought the first season practically the second it came out, but then, alas, a couple years later a new dvd set came out with seasons 1 and 2 combined, making some of us a bit perturbed since that means we had to buy the first season all over again in order to see season 2. But alas, the price of the 2-season set was fair.

So anyway..........................drum roll................ would anyone like to have my first season set of Fame for free? If so, please leave your name and either your email address or blog address and I'll hold a drawing this Sunday, November 29th.

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Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I would love to have the first season set of Fame. My name is Lisa Carpenter and my e-mail address is:
It is so sweet of you to do this. Thanks, Lisa in Texas :o)