Friday, August 05, 2005

The Sign

Our weather finally cooled so today I was able to take a walk. And not being one to enjoy ruts, I decided to walk through a different take-you-back-to-the-old-days neighborhood. There I was, strolling along this tree-lined street amongst all these two and three-story nostalgic 1920's houses when I saw it...

Oh, I was enchanted!

What was it? On the little entry porch of one of those houses was a longish, country-style sign which read, "And They Lived Happily Ever After".

Oh my . I have GOT to have one of those! Got to. Got to. Got to. Would that be perfect for us, or what?

I can see it hanging on our patio now. It would create one of two reactions in most people driving or walking past. Some people would smile and be enchanted as I was. Other people would probably throw-up.

Actually, I would delight in either reaction.  :)

So today or tomorrow I am walking or driving back over there and I'm going to ask the owners of that house where they bought their sign. The old Debra would have rather died than done that, but not this new Debra.

Or perhaps I will look online or even make one of my own... hmmm! Now, there's a thought.



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