Saturday, October 16, 2004

Take My Advice--Forget Pet Mice

Here's how it goes--

You spend the first year-and-a-half watching nine baby mice playing and looking adorable. They wiggle out of their homes, smile at you when you come to feed them then race around on their wheel like tiny maniacs. 

You get attached and lose your heart to them.

Then you spend the next six months watching them die. They suffer for days with sickness or just fade away from old age. And as your favorite mouse lies there weakly, you pet its head and speak softly to him as his life ebbs slowly away. Then when you return an hour later and see his lifeless form, you cry.

And you vow never, ever again to keep something which lives such a short time.

I am sticking with cats. Our oldest is 14 and yesterday the vet said she's in great health, considering she's like a 70-year-old lady in human years. She just needs to start taking glucosamine for her arthritis.

I can handle that.

Good-bye Little Buddy. March 12th, 2003 - October 15th, 2004
Thank-you for looking at me with appreciation in your eyes.


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