Wednesday, December 30, 2020

What (I Hope) 2020 Taught And Brought Us

"Behold, I make all things new."   ---Revelation 21:5


2020, right? Call me weird, but I found it fascinating. 

It's as though for my birthday (March 16th) I received a wild rollercoaster ride, one which still zooms and shakes me 9 months hence.

Now, I already gave you a list of my favorite portions of 2020, but I left this out: this verse majorly came to life:

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. From out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."  ---Luke 6:45

Let's just say, now I know where my friends stand on Life issues.  ツ 

That white fence that Christians often try to sit upon, the center one where you go when you don't wish to commit to a side? Oh my. Mostly it's toppled; the rest will completely drop, flatten, in 2021. 

We'll all be left standing on one side or the other and I'm thinking folks on the opposite half will not welcome us. Perhaps if they've been dear friends for years, a form of friendship can survive. Maybe. Yet if both of you pour out your heart, your sweat, into battle for totally opposite values? Hmm. I'm not sure.

We've survived this turbulent 2020, hopefully we've thrived, even. Much changed. Much which used to always work, appears to be broken now. Leaning. Useless.

What a year! We learned--

Who and what to trust. Who and what not to.
When to speak. When to stay silent.
Who to follow. Who to remain far away from.
When to fight. When to stand still.
The importance of giving to others. To fling hope everywhere.
And to dwell more than ever within that secret place near God's heart.

And Almighty, God? He made Himself obvious to those who recognize Him. 

Yet so did satan and his minions and oh, what they released upon our land: deception, restriction, dependence, fear, lies, confusion, and false 'religious spirits' attempting to tie it all up in neat, logical bows. 

Well, phooey on all that. 

Since age 15 I've walked around what I call The Opposite Track, often feeling only God and I jogged alone. But now, because of 2020? Man, it's always crowded out there! Consistently I'm jostled (nicely) by many others speaking from their hearts the same abundance found within mine.

And oh, what wonderful company.

This in-one-accord crowd steps beside me out there now and 'oh how pleasant when we dwell in unity'.  They help keep me inspired, focused and far from overwhelmed. 

After the ways 2020 equipped and taught and strengthened all who relied upon God, well, I would've hated to miss this crazy year. What riches resulted from it.

And in 2021? May we use every tiny piece of experience, wisdom, and supernatural joy we were given, hanging onto God's arm tightly, boldly stepping into all He has waiting for us in a land with no center fence anymore.

"Faith means you have it in your heart before you have it in your circumstance. But it can be just as good as having it if you really trust and believe God.   ---Joyce Meyer

Did anyone else make a list of improvements made in your home and your life during 2020? I'm still finding much surprise and comfort and inspiration in mine, especially given what 2020 was like. It's a reminder that God is still God, still good, even in a year unlike all others.

2021! Already I'm anticipating how God will show Himself strong in all our lives---

---and a P.S.? Yes, 2021 will have some huge surprises, but just think how much better prepared we are to face them after having gone through 2020!


Have an extra minute? I hope you'll read this very encouraging post I spied over at Youtube--

You won’t know til heaven the kinds of giants that opposed you and you took out in 2020. You won’t know the magnitude of the onslaught that you survived but heaven does.. It is serious increase and upgrade time for those who have held to their post this year AGAINST ALL ODDS.. This year was the awakening of the bride and the promotion of corporals to generals.. the changing of the guard and the revealing of foundations. You won’t know how many heads rolled at your sword this year and how many demons ran at your decree. You levelled up this year by laying on the carpet.. by taking the low road when opposition surrounded you. By holding up your sword when you didn’t feel like you had the strength to fight. By holding onto the hem of Jesus’ garment when others were throwing in the towel. By fixing your eyes on the author and finisher of your faith. By making a stand for righteousness when it wasn’t the popular thing to do. By keeping your heart right when accusation was raining on you. By speaking up instead of burying your head in the sand. For holding onto what God said when it made you look ridiculous.. I hear the Lord saying “WELL DONE for choosing me in 2020!” ---Nate and Christy

This former police officer was a hoot over at Dry Bar Comedy. His routine often referenced things from decades ago, stuff young folks wouldn't understand

I hope your Christmas was special! Ours was, as Goldilocks would quip, just right. シ

A very special thanks to all who so faithfully read my blog during this wild and woolly 2020! I truly, truly appreciate it.

"For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." ... Matthew 6:14,15


Betsy said...

Amen and Amen! I pray for a spirit of love and yet to be brave and speak out more in this coming year. Always showing love and mercy, yet standing for TRUTH.
Praying for a 2021 where God continues to show His presence and Satan is defeated in the smaller battles as well as the war.
Blessings and love,

Pam said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! We can do all things because Christ the Lord lives in us. Debra, I thought of you when I read a headline about the "next pandemic" being just around the corner. You've been prepping faithfully for years, and I'm sure glad I followed your example. There are still things I need to add to my stockpile, but it sure feels good to have a plan. Thank you for all you do for us readers. May 2021 find us all faithful! God bless you, Tom, and Naomi!!xoxo

Dewena said...

One regret I have of 2020 is that I did allow politics to come between me and a dear friend. As she does not know Christ, says she is agnostic, now all I can do is keep praying for her.

I didn't challenge her about politics until I finally tried to get her to consider that instead of calling Trump supporters cult followers, that she should consider that many of us are instead unable to support someone who enables protective legislation on abortion, particularly partial birth abortion. That was all it took to bring down wrath on me. Yes, I took a stand but I may have lost any chance to show God's love to her in the future and that hurts me.

I love your Luke 6:45 verse!

Debra said...

Betsy--so true! Standing for truth--we were certainly called upon often to do that, right? And I believe much of 2021 will involved that also, but you know? It's so good for us. I've seen lots of growth in each of us who've stood for truth. Keep standing! And as always, thanks so much for so faithfully reading here this year.

Pam--I love it when you let me know you're staying stocked up and prepared and have a plan! Thanks for letting me know and thanks again for reading here so faithfully.

Dewena--oh my! I certainly see the quandry (I think that's the way to put it). But there's also this: Jesus, Himself, said He didn't come to bring peace, but a sword. And you know? Swords divide. But there is a thought of consolation regarding your friend: when the day comes that she believes on Jesus, her eyes will be opened to the truth about abortion and then she'll know you were right to stand for truth--and she'll admire you for it. She'll understand it then. So keep praying for her eyes to be opened! This next year I really feel we'll see people come to God who we'd thought just might never would. Lots will happen that will make folks see Jesus as their only answer. Thanks for commenting and sharing your story and I'll believe with you for your friend!