Tuesday, June 04, 2019

One Way I'd Like To Go

Now, if you're someone who becomes all weirded-out by death spoken in not-dark-and-sad terms well, Honey, better move on to the next blog.  ツ


Recently I mentioned that our 92-year-old neighbor, Al, passed away in 2001, but you know? Not ever in all these years have I told you how he died.

See, Al lived contentedly alone, never married, and now his nephew (a man in his 60's) drove him around on errands each week. So that Tuesday morning after Al got dressed, he sat at the kitchen table with his shaving mirror, then lathered his face. With trembling fingers, he picked up his razor and began shaving.

And that's when Al's heart stopped beating.

Silently, slowly, he leaned forward upon the table and that's how his nephew discovered him moments later.

Wow. Now, if you don't get all caught up in the thing of 'it's best to be surrounded by family when your time comes," well, I can hardly think of a more peaceful way to go.

Seriously. Sign me up.

I mean, you're not sick, you've lived over 9 decades, you have relatives, friends and a sweet little home of 50+ years. Then while preparing for a morning out, poof! Gently you're taken to the next world. Amazing.

Each morning I sit at our dining room table with my make-up bag and sometimes? Sometimes when I pull out my hand mirror, I think of Al and how we both prepared for the day thousands of times at our tables, but for Al, there came one final time. And hey! Perhaps that will happen for me.

Though, then I smile and in my heart I hope this: "Lord, please let me finish applying my make-up, ok? That way, when I'm found, I won't look quite so dreadful."

But what I also hope? When my final day arrives, may I have lived my best life and having left nothing God intended me to do, unfinished. May I have loved and laughed enough--

-- and finished with a heart full of treasures to carry to my next adventurous life with Him.

"We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord."   ... 2 Corinthians 5:8

"Let's start putting more of our time into things which will be eternal."   ...Joyce Meyer


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Betsy said...

Debra, I'm not weirded out at all. Perhaps because I've been around death from a young age. I began working in a nursing home at 14 years old. I saw all different manners of death there, and believe me, for someone who professes to believe in Christ, death is waaaaay more peaceful than someone who doesn't. I. Have. Seen. It. All. And if I hadn't been a believer before, I would have been after. I could tell you much more, but perhaps a comment on a blog isn't the place for it.
I love the story of your neighbor. And I have thought of my own death. As we all do, I hope it isn't wracked with pain, but is a peaceful one. Before I got my pacemaker, my heart stopped for 34 seconds. That's a long time for a heart not to beat. I did have an experience, but I don't talk of it often because people get weirded out and act like I'm looney. I hope my death is like that experience. And I'm not afraid of death anymore. Not even one little, tiny bit. Sometimes I long for it in the crazy world we live in. I'm just afraid of how the process of death may play out! :-)
Your last Meme cracked me up. I have been bitten by an elderly person and it wasn't fun at all. I also had all of the ligaments in my hand torn by an elderly man who didn't want me to leave his room because he was lonely. He just didn't know how strong he was and wanted me to stay with him longer. Oh, the stories I could tell. I loved those people with everything I had in my teenage body. :-)

Anonymous said...

My friends father was sitting in his living room with his wife. He was smoking his cigar and reading the paper and suddenly died. She had no idea as he had just been talking to her. I know of several health issues that make the electrical system of your body stop and instantly you are dead. I have no idea what happened to him or others I have heard of but all of us sure hope we go quickly. No one likes to dwell on thinking we will die but it Will happen anyway. I am happy you had such a nice neighbor for so long. :) Sarah

Pam said...

I appreciate this post and the comments, too. Death is real and it is coming for us all. Debra, there your neighbor sat at his table, shaving, and had no idea his daily routine would include a trip to heaven. Similarly,my precious mom was sitting with lifelong friends at her weekly bible study. They were sharing prayer requests and answers, and she said, "Isn't God good?!!" Then she leaned over and passed from a massive heart attack. Just like that. I felt sorry for her friends, but once they got over the initial shock, they were fine. It was just like my mom to have the final word and make a big exit. We never know what God's plan are for each of us, but we can be sure that if we love him, he will be with us on that final trip home.

Kim said...

You cracked me up about the make-up! I, too, hope to go gently like your neighbor and the others mentioned in the comments.

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

I've nothing to really add to the conversation that someone hasn't already said but did want to say "hi" and I'm still here and still reading your posts and as always, loving them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Debra said...

Oh Betsy! That was such a young age to work in a home like that. There's an old book which tells stories of deaths of the saved and unsaved. Have you read it? Wild stuff and I was reminded of it by what you wrote. Thanks for commenting.

Sarah--thanks for your story! It's sad when loved ones leave us, but somehow comforting when they leave without pain.

Pam--oh my! After reading your mother's story, I believe it's the second way I would like to go. I love her final words. Thank-you for sharing.

Kim-- thank-you! And I'm smiling, too. Some people may think it's silly, but really? I believe even in death I'd be thinking of others, wanting them not to be more distressed than necessary. It would still matter to me in that way, not for myself, but for those who found me. :)

Debi--thanks for letting me know you're still reading here! I'd missed hearing from you, my friend. Again, thank-you.

Thanks so much for commenting, Everyone! Blessings, Debra

Terra said...

I like this post and am not weirded out at all; your neighbor died peacefully and in his own home. My dad died at home too, he said "I am tired", lay down and was found a few minutes later in his bed. He lived to be 88.