Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Life A Bit Too Hard Lately?

"Is anything too hard for the Lord?"   ... Genesis 18:14


You should see me on Fridays. 

In order for Tom and me to play Lazy, Movie-Loving Slugs on Saturdays, I mow the lawn, dust, clean the bathroom, trim the hedges, sweep the kitchen, vacuum upstairs and down, run the dishwasher and unload it and --

You know. Earn one day off by tackling two (three?) days' worth of work.

Well, last Friday Tom arrived home to find a poor ol,' moaning, bent-in-half cranky lady. Oh, my aching lower back! 

Next morning I told Tom, "I'd better stay home today." Now, for months that's how he's preferred to spend Saturdays, but this time he kept reading online (aloud) about the car shows, yard sales, bbq's, etc., we'd be missing. 

I said, "Okay, go by yourself. I won't mind. I promise." He said, "Nah, I'd never hear the end of it."

Men. Sigh.  ッ

Anyway, by Sunday my back felt nearly normal (sorta) and since God gives me my best ideas? I'm thinking He gave me this:

Create a master list, a Monday through Friday one, where your work is more evenly-distributed. One where all the hard tasks do not fall on Friday. (And if the lawn's a bit taller and furniture a tad dustier over the weekend? Just deal with it.)

Hey! My lower back, especially, appreciated that sensible idea, above all how I wrote 'do back-strengthening exercises' under each day's heading. Er hem.

And so far, so good, though yeah, it's only Tuesday. シ

These later decades in Life! Oh my. But thank-goodness God provides wisdom to still get it all done, His idea of 'all', which often is kinder than ours. The work, the needing boldness, the changes, the loving people anyway, even in our grouchy world--we can do this.

God makes a way where there is no way. Rivers in the desert, rays of light in darkness, clear paths through wilderness. 


And may each of us, daily, crave His ways so that 2019 will be one long year bathed in--not complaints--but gratitude.

Our excuses! Some are real, yes, but if we can stop clinging to them, it's wonderful how God, then, can show us ways to overcome. Anyway.

Life can be difficult, but nothing is too hard for the God inside us.


Where I'm asking God to take me lately online? To places which will show me how to-- 

--spend less energy cooking, laundering, etc., while still doing enough

--keep the dirt out of my house (so I'll not have to clean it later)

--finish designing my yard to care for itself

Like this! This made cleaning look like fun (and simpler) and hey, can we ever read too much of that?--

How To Clean The Things You've Probably Never Cleaned Before


And my friend, Dolores, even sent me a fun Youtube video with music to cook by in your kitchen. My vintage-loving cohorts will also enjoy the retro illustrations.



Betsy said...

Lots of wisdom here Debra. With my back so much happier, for who knows how long, (but I'm enjoying every second of it,) I am having a tendancy to overdo it since I've been out of commission for so long. My, oh my am I having fun in the yard, the house and today I hope to tackle my sewing machine. We'll see. I still have a grocery run to make because I invited 4 people to dinner tonight. (See what I mean?)
Love the vintage photos. You find the BEST things.

Dewena said...

I like those 3 things you're asking God to take you too, let us know when he shows you! I'm into my 3rd month of PT now for a knee and leg problem and I sure would like some help in those areas!

Pam said...

This week has been a whirlwind of cleaning and yard work for us. Hubby's relatives are returning to the area for a big reunion and my brother and his family are coming for a visit. We've been hauling out the big guns to get everything spiffed up. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of keeping up, but alas, I was NOT. As I washed all the woodwork with Murphy's, I was totally embarrassed by the dirt on top of the doors, closets and windows. I'm not tall, so I never see that stuff. Same goes for the top of the refrigerator. I guess if I can't see it I forget to clean it. Have to admit, part of me is tickled to catch up, but my knees and feet can't wait to have these projects behind us! Debra, I think I'm going to create some sort of schedule for myself, too. Otherwise, it's hard to keep up.

Terra said...

I like all the quotes in your post. You have a good idea to do some cleaning/maintenance each day, not everything on a Friday. Especially heavy stuff like mowing. As a senior citizen or seasoned citizen, that is how I do things.