Friday, March 22, 2019

You Know Grocery Prices Will Rise, Right?

"Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them."   ... Psalm 139:16


Every weekday morning I read The Economic Collapse Blog. Every. Weekday. Morning.

I just do, okay? 

Michael Snyder covers mega more than just financial stuff, though. He'll touch on Israel's updates, our wild weather, government shenanigans, etc., most from a biblical perspective.

And ok, he can go all, "The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!" Yet those times I just mentally snip the commotion in half--and then proceed from there with my calm little head. 

And through the years? Michael has helped me (enormously) in my great quest to Be Prepared For Anything. He keeps me motivated, inspired. Picture me tipping my hat to him.

Anyway, his post today was one I saw coming since news regarding the Nebraska floods:

Government Warns Of Historic, Widespread Flooding “Through May"--Food Prices To Skyrocket As 1000s Of Farms Are Destroyed.

Yikes, right? (And an exquisite example of one where I'll do that 'cutting in half' thing. heh.)  

At my house, I try always to keep 2 months' worth of groceries. Am I an example of those wacky prepper ladies you see on tv with their home-style haircuts, squeezing between their basement aisles of groceries?

Nah. But I aim for that.  ツ

And really, today's post is just one of my occasional pragmatic warnings. (I do love to be practical you, my readers, know.)

So here you are:

Grocery prices will be going up. Possibly a lot. So you may want to save money now by buying--what you can--ahead.

Will it save you a ton of money? Maybe not. But call me Old School if you wish-- I believe I can (and should) do my part as a homemaker to keep our costs, low. To spend what Tom carries home, wisely--and in this case--possibly avoid actual future food shortages.

Oodles of times God whispers ahead to folks,"Something is coming, so prepare early." He gives us much time, usually, for 'He knows we are but (stubborn) dust."

Does He always give futuristic details? All the 'whys'? Nope, just sometimes. (God's pretty big about this walking by faith stuff. People who must know all the details before taking a step, generally, bog down in the road.)

But if we're truly listening, He will give us 'promptings'.  Unexplainable kinds of  'knowing' to perhaps--

Read this (specific information). Study that. 
Learn that new skill. 
Watch that Youtube video your friend recommended.
Look into prepping/canning/knitting. Collect certain how-to books.
Make that financial investment (or get out of one).
Collect recipes for meatless/5 ingredient/pantry (etc.) meals.
Get back into shape.
Do research on building, bartering, gardening, camping, etc.

I've discovered God's far more specific than we believe Him to be. And that His warnings often come years before the difficult times arrived so---

We can spend money wisely and have food/cash/gas/energy supplies before a shortage.
We can become emotionally/mentally strong before facing an extremely emotional time.
We can move to just the right house/town and meet just the right neighbors.
...and so much more.

When we listen to-- rather than ignore--God? We spend our years feeling calmer. Leaning against His shoulder we hear His whispers and allow Him to hold us and cheer us up through it all.

Really, through everything.

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."  ... Isaiah 43:19

What I love about God? He gives us whatever we need to do whatever He asks.

Oh, and wanted to add: As I've learned the trials and errors of prepping, we've eaten quite a few cans of 'expired' food. And lived to tell the tale. And have felt fine.

The thing to watch for? Any cans with rust, bulges or leaks. Those are the ones to toss.


Speaking of food, here's a so-encouraging article you may want to read:

82-Year-Old Woman With Dementia Gets Her Memory Back After Changing Her Diet

And as I said at Facebook, the article had me racing into my kitchen for walnuts, blueberries and sweet potatoes.   ツ


"God put in you what you need for this day. This is your time to shine. Get rid of those limiting excuses. Stay open to new ideas and new ways of doing things." ... Joel Osteen



Anonymous said...

I had seen the article about the lady with dementia. The change in her is amazing.
I agree with your post today Deborah. That’s no big surprise is it? I usually agree with your posts. Ha! But knowing so many people in the Midwest right now and having much of my family involved in the farming industry there, I know that most people in the path of the floods have lost absolutely everything. And there were a lot of people. I don’t think thousands of farmers lost everything, but there were way too many that did. Thank you for this very timely message to people. Now, who will take heed? Blessings, Betsy

Pam said...

Hubby and my families both have deep roots in agriculture in the midwest. We are fortunate that we are not in the flooded areas, but farming has been on a crash course for many years. Everything has changed. I find it ironic that soon after news of the flooding broke, the mainline media nearly dropped coverage. We haven't seen the stats that Michael Snyder quotes. I believe him. We try to keep a well stocked pantry, but I need to do better. It would be a great year to have a garden,too. Even a small plot can provide wonderful, fresh food. I know that God will make a way, as long as we trust and obey him.

Debra said...

Thank-you Betsy and Pam! It's nice to hear from folks who are willing to do a little more just in case of worst scenarios. I like to call it wisdom. :) Blessings, Debra

Rebecca said...

I'm WITH you! I think you have a wise perspective, and we have a faithful Heavenly Fathe.