Wednesday, March 20, 2019

March This and That

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."   ... Romans 8:28


1.) Naomi shared this at Facebook--

--so true and it reminded me of self-spoken words around my house: "Well, that's a little better. And better is, well, better."  

Anyone can improve their lives a tiny bit each day. Anyone.

2.) Had to chuckle at this --

Yes, real Springtime won't arrive here for weeks yet--but still! We can watch for the tips of bulbs poking up from the soil, robins, purple crocus and occasional warmer temperatures for encouragement. Plus, we can do many indoor Spring cleaning chores so we'll be freer for the outdoor ones when they finally arrive.

(And did you recognize a tiny Shaun from The Good Doctor?  Freddie Highmore--wow. Excellence every single week.) 

3.) Yikes! Last week I felt myself feeling so bored that I thought, "Maybe I'll check my email Spam Folder. Might be something interesting in there."

(Yep, that's mighty bored, right?)  シ

4.) Okay, now I enjoy Norah Jones', Don't Know Why, as much as the next gal, but oh my! Did you listen to Ashley Hess sing that song on American Idol? 

Ooooo. Tom and I were, like, "Wow. Forget the silliness of the upcoming Idol competition--just give Ashley her album contract. Now

I'd buy her cd tomorrow. Truly. (Perhaps another reason I like her? She reminds me of many of my friends' older sisters from the 1960's and 70's.)

Listen to her audition here. Short on time? Forward to where she sits at the piano. (You may need to unmute the video.)

5.) So are you searching for a cheaper cell phone/plan? You might want to check Google Phone. Tom bought their phone (and the plan/whatever) two years ago and was paying $59 monthly. Now that the phone's paid off, monthly it's just $29 (or so). He said the 'downside' (if there must be one) is that Google doesn't have its own cell towers so must just ping off of whatever random towers are nearby, but that's never caused a problem for him/us (that I'm aware of).

(But do not quote me on any of this above info., okay? Look-up Google Phones yourself if you want actual a-c-c-u-r-a-c-y. heh.)

6.) Oh, and see this 'doily' beneath the bunnies? 

A birthday gift from my sweet blogging friend, Betsy, she said it was a dishcloth. But oh my--just a dishcloth? I think not. It's far, far too lovely. 

So here it will remain for all to see.

7.) And I keep forgetting to mention this--pineapple juice! That's been a lifesaver these past three winters, starting in 2016, when I had bronchitis. 

On these dry air mornings (though I do steam water, also), I still have occasional leftover chest phlegm problems. But pineapple juice breaks it all apart, enabling me to breathe easily-peasily. 

You're welcome.  ツ

8.) And yesterday while tooling around Pinterest I spied this kitchen and actually gasped --

Yes! That's it. My idea of kitchen perfection. Happy sigh.

9.) Attention fellow bird lovers! You'll find this fascinating. No, really--you will. Trust me.

10.) And last? I shared this, below, at Facebook this morning because yesterday--good grief! My head got majorly bogged-down with concentrating upon changes I cannot make to my house rather than ones I can --

So after reading (and applying) that, today, I'm assured, will feel 50 times better.

It will, for I'll be letting go in order to make room for fresh ideas not yet imagined, ones which actually will work here. And be a delight.

Enjoy your Wednesday--and happy Springtime!

    (Spied my first robin of the season this year on my birthday--what a gift!)


Regarding setting new Springtime goals? In the immortal words of Nike... Just do it.   ツ


Anonymous said...

Good morning Debra! There is so much in your post today to comment on. First of all, I love the meme from Naomi. There are a few things that I am plotting along with and progress doesn’t seem to be happening as quickly as I would like, most notably weight loss as per my cardiologist. I don’t have a lot to lose but it’s enough and it’s frustrating.
I went over and watched that audition for American Idol. It was amazing just as you said. We may just have to watch this seasons shows.
I agree with you on that kitchen. It’s absolutely beautiful. And I’m so glad that you like the dish cloth. I’m serious, you can use it as a dish cloth. I can always make you another one. Ha!
Have a wonderful day my friend.
Blessings, Betsy

Pam said...

Romans 8:28--what a promise! I wonder how many people have tied a knot in their faith, hooked it on that verse, and just hung on for dear life? I know I continue to remind myself (and God) that the words "all things" are right in the middle. Oh my, life can be challenging. And then one morning we wake up to warmth, sunshine, singing birds, and we know that winter is over and spring has arrived. Debra, I always enjoy being able to click on stuff in your posts, and being delighted by what I find. When I clicked and heard Ashley sing, it just lifted my heart. What a gift she has! I'll be sharing Naomi's "Keep going..." with someone who really needs it, and I'll probably revisit that amazing yellow kitchen several times today as I dream about the house I keep building in my mind. Thanks so much Debra! xoxo

Debra said...

Thanks, Betsy! I hope that quote will encourage you to realize slow progress is still progress and I'm glad you liked that kitchen and Ashley as well! This was meant to be a fun post and I was happy to see that you and Pam entered into the fun (but then you two always do. The three of us seem to be true kindred spirits and wouldn't it be fun for us to sit down with coffee together?)!

Pam--as I told Betsy, I love how the two of you 'get it'. I had to smile when you said Ashley's voice lifted your heart--mine, too! That song and her voice have almost constantly been on my mind, even during the nighttime hours. I love how God uses others to make our journey easier and more delightful, don't you?

Thanks again so much, Ladies! Blessings, Debra