Friday, February 01, 2019

The One Thing That Makes Everything Worse

"Do not grumble against one another, brothers, so that you may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing at the door."   ... James 5:9

"Complain and remain, praise and be raised."   ... Joyce Meyer


So this week where I live, it's been The Ice Age.

Awaking to dark, frozen mornings.
Minus 4 degrees F. Winds bringing chills to -28 degrees.
A 21-car pile up. A 10 car jumble, too. (No one killed in those, though. Whew.)
A man found dead beside a still-running snow blower. Another beside a silent snow shovel. 
A well-known (and loved) homeless man found frozen on a bench.
Driving bans (illegal to drive) and over 1,100 businesses, closed.
Three additional deaths. People slipping, taken to hospitals. 

Some heavy-duty stuff there, but you know? I can handle those calmly, with an inner peace, comfort, from God, Himself.

But what gets ol' Debra's eyes rolling, her head spinning and her brain questioning what has this world become?


Our trash pick-up got pushed back 2 days, then last night it was announced that, unfortunately, we all must wait until next week to have our trash whisked away.

And then people whined. Like crazy. All at the helpful local Facebook volunteer news page which has been an information godsend to us all week------

" I guess it will stay at the curb!! Wish I had the information yesterday."

"Everybody in my neighborhood had their totes out today . We all must have missed that news announcement ."

"Not movin' mine."

"They better be prepared to take more than the two cans.. We're already full."

"Oh I’m waiting til next week with no recycling bin too cause y’all dropped the bin in the truck🤔 huh...let it all fill in my kitchen then I’m assuming."

"So, does the city get a rebate for non provided services? Some families need their trash picked up every week with the small can you are limited to. I doubt they will suddenly take extra trash that doesn’t fit in the can!"

"Wow, it's just a matter of time we gotta drag them to the nearest corner and retrieve them ourselves come warmer weather. Look at the gas and manpower they could save huh?"

Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously, People?

Now, thankfully, the majority of my fellow Western New Yorkers are not such big whiners, but really? Reading these this morning reminded me that many people today (everywhere) are--

Lazy not likely to do what's 'extra'. Not into excellence of character.
Without wisdom. Not planning ahead.
Unprepared for emergencies.
Not considering others' hardships (i.e. the trash collectors working in -28 degree windchills)
Relying on the government and others to do things for them.
Living in a dream world which doesn't exist--and then complaining all the time when the real world disappoints them.

Let's all, as Christians, be different, ok? Let's sling away that 'luxury' of complaining, for, after all, a huge God lives inside us. A God who is --

Full of mercy toward others.

And a God who expects more from us because He's given us more.

And the good news? He's made a way to make us more like Him--if--with all our hearts, we seek to know Him better.

And to be a bright, gleaming light in this dark, cold world, one which need not become dimmer by that weak, sorry spirit of complaining--

--if we'll seek His ways, first. 

"Do not grumble, as some of them did and were destroyed by the Destroyer."   ... 1 Corinthians 10:10  (Debra here-- there is more than one way to be destroyed, you know. Becoming weaker, bitter, less-than-what-we-could-have-been are examples.)

And if we'd remember this--

---maybe we'd stop hating people (which God majorly frowns upon) and begin praying powerful prayers which actually accomplish what He desires for this Earth.

(Not sure if hating people is a big deal? Go here.)


Yes, I love original retro decor, but these Decorating Trends for 2019 are pretty cool!


Another very favorite Christmas gift? Concerning Casey.  (Read about it here.)  

Written in 1958, it's not your typical 'malt shoppe' book, but rather, a great reminder that Today's world isn't the only one where otherwise-nice folks behave badly regarding politics.

Sometimes we forget that some people, throughout History, have chosen the low road when they wanted something political with all their heart.

(In other words, it didn't just start in the 2000's.)

Great news! You can read Concerning Casey free at Open Library

(Don't you just love that place? Last week I read a vintage book there which Amazon had just one copy, selling for $145!)


"To whom much was given, of him much will be required..."  ... Luke 12:48

"I’m praying for a generation that’s just as willing to tangibly sacrifice for others, as they are ready to speak up."---BJ Thompson



Anonymous said...

Isn’t it crazy the things that people find a complain about? I just posted that same verse earlier this week. Great minds and all. Ha ha! I sure hope things start getting better for you weatherwise. I’ve heard of some real tragedy is associated with people freezing. It sounds like we are going to start experiencing winter in a big way next week but hopefully nothing along those lines.
Blessings, Betsy

Pam said...

Human've got to wonder. This past week's horribly cold weather brought out so many acts of kindness, yet people go crazy over a garbage delay. Wow. Most of us are incredibly blessed--maybe even spoiled with the ease of our lives. I don't get it. BUT I AM LOVING OPEN LIBRARY!!! Been reading a couple of books per week,ever since I found out about it from you, Debra. Big thanks to you!! XOXO

Debra said...

Thanks so much Betsy and Pam! You ladies so often seem to be on the same page with me. :) Glad you're loving Open Library, Pam. Weird how years ago we probably couldn't have imagined such an awesome thing, right?

Thank-you both! Blessings, Debra