Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Where She Delves Into The Deepest Recesses of Her House

She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks... She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.
...And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works," ... Proverbs 31:17,27, Hebrews 10:24


Sometimes sweet ol' Debra can still go all baby-grumpy about her petite, it's-already-decorated-so-what-do-I-do-now? house.

There. I said it. (And I'm blushing, trust me.)

But then, oh! Often God (because He's good) will swoop in, with Grace, and cheer me up.

Like last week. See, our tv cable was out (long, dull story) so I sat upon the red couch and thought, "Hmm. There's always YouTube. I'll go there." And that day, Thursday, I discovered Kathryn at Do It On A Dime.

Wow. Have you met her yet? She's the cutest thing since puppies and her cheerfulness could lighten any old Scrooge's heart. She loves --

--organizing her home
--cleaning her spaces
--shopping at Dollar Tree 
--finding terrific deals online (like at new-to-me Hollar)
--decorating beautifully, inexpensively
--and being a mom to 2 of the happiest little boys, ever. (Try not giggling when her tiniest guy does. I dare you.)

She's young and reminds this older mom of all that's wonderful about that era in ones life--and that we needn't lose that joy later on.


Thanks to Kathryn--for now--I've set aside my big decorating dreams and schemes, like, wallpapering, painting, rearranging, changing-out counter tops or lighting or---- and am venturing deeper. As in, into the dark, cluttered recesses of my cabinets, drawers, shelves, cupboards.

And now I'm all excited about better-organizing this small house of ours. Like, cutting down more boxes to corral things and also buying those cute plastic storage options you can place anywhere (for instance).

After all, just because ones stuff resides, hidden, behind a cupboard door doesn't mean it's then ok to heap it all in a chaotic muddle.

Oh, of course, through the years I've done some clever organizing, but somewhere along the way I stopped. Picked up a case of Sour Who Cares? and quit trying to improve not just how my cupboards looked, but how they functioned for Tom and me. 

Let's just say I got kinda comfortable with searching and yanking and re-stacking and pushing things just to find, like, a can of olives.

It's easy to stop mid-way, tired, and settle, discouraged, right? But there's no reward in that. No later joy.

(And I'm not just talking home organization here, either. You know that.)

Well, already, with cut-down boxes, I've re-organized two kitchen drawers--one always annoyed us, but no more. Then in a hutch cupboard there's no longer a jumbled tiny pantry--nope. Now I can--gasp!--find things.

Also I'm looking at the aforementioned Hollar (and elsewhere) for some cute plastic storage boxes and caddies and --. Well, you get it.

Oh, how much better to be a proactive lady rather than a pro-complaining one.

And you may quote me.  ツ

---Nate Berkus

Always remember to enjoy the learning, the doing, the entire journey. Those take up far greater portions of our lives than just crossing the finish line.


Speaking of homemaking, this looks pretty perfect (I'll be ordering it soon) ---


Sunday was Naomi's birthday. She and Justin braved the cold and came over and we had such a lovely visit with them.

Next year she'll turn the big 4-0, and I'll tell ya--ol' Debra is gonna feel that one!   😲

                                            My new favorite photo of those two.


                                    Bought your Valentines yet?



Oh! And if this doesn't make your day, I don't know what will. 

Love it. All of it. My, my, my. (Always remember lovely things still happen during these troublesome days of ours!)



Dewena said...

There are so many things that make my weird little heart happy!

After two downsizing moves a few years ago I thought my organizing/decluttering days were over. But a small house and a wish for a simpler life have given me the motivation again. I laughed about the Marie Condo thing when I first heard about it but to my surprise I love seeing my clothes folded her way in the drawers. I don't think she'll have much luck with me where books are concerned, the next on my list but at least they'll get dusted before being put back. I know I need to tackle kitchen and dishes but I'll probably feel joy for each and everything there.I even regret some dishes I gave away 3 years ago. There's no hope for me.

I couldn't get the sound to work on the young girl playing. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! And I have a daughter who will be 50 next year, feeling ancient here at that.

I love the Proverbs woman verses, even though they've made me feel woefully inadequate over the years.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Debra. I’ve been enjoying watching some YouTube videos about cleaning and organizing too. We very rarely watch TV anymore, except some Netflix. After getting rid of three truckloads of things in the past couple of years and not missing it at all, I realized that I can clear out and organize even more. Yesterday I took a garbage bag full of clothes and two big boxes of things to the Goodwill. It’s such a nice feeling. I even got rid of lots of books last year. Now that was hard. We did take some favorites to Mandy‘s house when we went to visit. I know she likes the same books and will keep them safe in case I want to read them again. Speaking of which, she turned 39 last week too. We will both have 40-year-old daughters next January! How did that happen?
You’ll have to check out my blog post from today. I talked about some books I’m rereading. I first read them many many years ago when we lived in Nebraska and they are more applicable today than they were then. Whenever I read them it reminds me of how important my prayer life is. Have a lovely day my friend. I’m going to check out those videos you mentioned today.
Many blessings, Betsy

Pam said...

I think it's a great idea to continue to make our homes and lives as streamlined as possible. Lately, I've been trying to be more aware of those food items that need to be used or donated. As we've gotten older, hubby and I have learned that two meals a day work well for us, but I was grocery shopping as though I was still feeding a family three meals per day. We are making progress, though. I still keep a well stocked pantry of things we use often, but we're not buying such big quantities. It just kills me to have to throw away freezer-damaged items, too, so we're trying to be more mindful about stocking it.

Such a good pic of Naomi and Justin...hope you guys had a good party!

Anonymous said...

Our little homes only have so much space. I like to think of mine as a cottage since I love those and it makes me feel better about it. LOL They say to take down pictures and some other decorating things and bring them back out another time and make things new again. Can't do. where would I put them!! So it is the usual..move the picture to another room and that one to the first place. I am glad you do have a basement. That has to help.

Our first child turned 48 this last year. Yikes!! I remember the year he turned the same age Christ was when he died. That year brought home to me even more the sacrifice His Father did to let His son die for us... Sarah

Debra said...

Dewena--I could totally identify with what you said about your books and dishes! :) And I, too, have regretted a few things I've given away. We are both impossible. heh. :)

Betsy--can't get over how you and I were married the same year and had daughters the same month! Have you had a chance to watch Kathryn at Do It On a Dime? Would love to know what you think. And yes! It does feel good to give away bags of things we no longer want or need, right? (It's all the rest that keeps me organizing so I can squeeze it all in. ha!)

Pam--so good to hear that others are making changes as they grow older, also! It practically becomes an art, right? Thanks for commenting on Naomi's photo!

Sarah--so true about small houses! We do have to find different ways to keep the things we still enjoy. But we can do this, right? :)

Thanks, Everyone! Blessings, Debra