Monday, May 14, 2018

He Sees Ahead. Whew.

"For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly."  ... Psalm 84:11


Saturday we stopped at our local library, the first time in, oh, ages. I only buy books at that place--why? They stripped the kids/teen section of anything vintage, preferring long, grey empty shelves, instead.

Grrr. Don't get me started.

Anyway, Tom waited in the car, I walked up the back ramp and uh-oh! Our library is now closed on Saturdays. Darn.

Then back inside the car I realized, hey! No more library for me maybe ever. Well, unless I walk the 1 1/2 miles there (an old girl can dream) or Tom retires (and I have access to the car I don't even drive) or I pay a taxi guy--

--or I just face this: Five decades of library visiting are over. Finis. Phhht.

But hey! Please don't feel sorry for me. God gave me a heads-up 30 years ago when He provided a young woman in the Nevada desert who sold my dearly-loved vintage books, ones libraries were already phasing out. I'd take Naomi to that many-windowed sun porch store and, with sweat trickling down our foreheads, we'd find books written by authors long gone.

Inside me I kept 'hearing', "Libraries won't always provide these. So buy some now."

God knew. Even decades ago He knew libraries would disappoint me. In 2018 I can no longer find the right vintage books via our huge New York inter-library loan system and years ago I ceased anticipating a cozy hour just browsing book shelves within old library walls.

That's over. But it's all ok.

Really, because I serve a God who cares, who knows me so very well. 

He cared that I be prepared.
He showed me where to buy books (thrift shops, yard sales, online, etc.)
He provided money and gift cards so to buy books. 

And all these 30 book-buying years later? Here at Hobbit Cottage I've got the best library in all of New York State. For me.

Always, God knows what's ahead. We don't, but He does, so to follow the daily nudges, instructions, becomes wisdom. We'll find ourselves prepared,  emotionally and otherwise, for anything--and so close to the very heartbeat of God.

And nothing shall blow us away.

                   Good-bye, my library days. Good-bye.


After the library stop, we drove to our local theater and watched Avengers: Infinity War.


Not my favorite of the series. Way intense, dark and too much fighting for my taste. And as the reviewer at Plugged In said, my mind is still trying to process that ending. Oh my. That ending.

And yet?

As with all those Avenger films, this one reminded me:

As Christians, we must be brave.
Courageous. Even if our best friend disagrees with us. 
Not crybaby runners to safe hiding places.

For God will hold us responsible for standing, in His strength, with His armor. Ours is to prepare now for the day where the fighting will matter most.

So thanks, Avengers: Infinity War for that reminder.

"My times are in your hands; deliver me from the hands of my enemies, from those who pursue me."  ... Psalm 31:15

(Oh, and if you share anything about the Avengers film in my comment box, please, no spoilers. Shhh... heh.)  😏


My Mother's Day weekend? Perfect.
Hope yours was, also.

(Oh, and the two photo books I made and mailed to my mom? They were a big hit. A.Great. Big. Hit.)



Betsy said...

I've never seen any Avenger movies so no spoilers here! :-) How sad that the library is closed on Saturday. I would thinnk that would be the busiest day because of people working and in school. I'm glad that you are prepared and have lots and lots of your favorite books and I'm also glad that you had a great Mother's Day. Although I didn't see my kids, we talked on the phone and that was pretty great.

Rebecca said...

So, can you post a picture of your "library"? Bookshelves and reading corners bring me such delight!