Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Guest Post From Doctor Debra :)

"If our minds are ruled by our desires, we will die. But if our minds are ruled by the Spirit, we will have life and peace."  ... Romans 8:6


From that title, above, can you tell I crack myself up? 😃

This past March, I set a personal record: I've only been sick once in 7 years.

(Color me as surprised as you are.)

Oh, occasionally I've had sinus issues, but always they resulted from a childish I-wanna-do-what-I-wanna-do and, as you likely know, seldom does that work out well.

But every time, I fixed the issues with some cheap common sense and poof! They vanished, usually within a few hours.

Anyway, today I'll share what I believe keeps me healthy, the ideas I've researched since I turned 40 and my body began crumbling into pieces. (Well, it felt that way.)

You, as always, are free to do whatever works for you. 

The main thing? Please become your own best health advocate--and--always first treat the cause rather than only the symptoms. Vital, that.


When did I notice myself no longer catching colds or the flu? When I daily did these--

I take 2,500 - 5,000 units of Vitamin D3, in divided doses, the larger dosage during winter. (These help our long winters feel soo much more bearable for me--seriously.)

To help with Vitamin D's absorption, I take 1,000 units of magnesium (which also helps me sleep).

I'm a huge believer in 'gut health'. I take 2 - 3 chewable acidolphulus tablets daily. (The chewable kind are amazing for the earliest sign of indigestion, as well.) Antibiotics kill the good bacteria within (as well as the bad), so acidolphulus is vital to restore balance.

I take 1,000- 2,000 units of Vitamin C, in divided doses. More if I've gotten sloppy and found myself with sinus issues again. (And Vitamin C is awesome for my gums. Dental folks look at them now and give me compliments rather than lectures.)

I take 1,000 units of krill oil just because it helps me sleep and feel good all over.  😉 (Actually it helps with muscle relaxation and in a ton of other ways.)

I drink 1/2 cup of cranberry juice each day.

Personally, I sleep better if I eat dinner 3 - 4 hours before going to bed. I've discovered the foods which keep me awake if eaten too near bedtime (chicken, pasta, potatoes, rice).

Then just before bedtime, I eat a bit of banana, maybe 1/8th cup, if that. Seriously, it helps me sleep.

Recent things:

We've eaten a whole lot of vegetable stir-fry.

Since February, I've tried to take a walk at least 5 days a week. This has hugely helped strengthen my back.

Oh and around 1999 I had to give up daily real coffee (traumatic!). Then I switched to decaf, but had to stop that since arthritis runs in my family and wow, decaf almost turned me into a statue (so stiff). The same with dairy (milk)--eegads! So unfair, but I can have a little now and then.

(Oh and my head can handle 2 cups of real coffee a week now--hooray! I just have to be sure to separate each cup by 2 - 3 days.)

Anyway, the final thing? (It's huge.) I remind myself to stand far away from unforgiveness and stress and instead-- 

Stay grateful
At peace (due from trust)
And if there's a choice (there usually is) to choose the simple way/plan/explanation.

And though it's taken years and tons of God Time (tons), oh-so-very-rarely do I have a bad day. God's incredible goodness is capable of making all days sweet and memorable. 

And you know? I feel physically/mentally/emotionally better at 59 than I did at 39. (So many reasons, so little time to share them all. heh. It should be illegal to feel this good at nearly 60.) 

Okay, as long as it's not too humid and my energy holds out, usually till around 5:00pm. That is, if I've kept the ol' work a bit, rest a bit pattern throughout the day. Inch by inch (and all that).

So there you go. Dr. Debra clocking out.  😉


Did anyone else love the season ending of Blue Bloods? Saw it coming--what a delight, that is, if the writers don't mess it up next season. Er hem.


Oh! And after my last post Rebecca asked to see some of my books (the best library in all of New York State, as I say. heh.)

So here you go. Most of my treasures:



Terra said...

Oh Dr. Debra, I like your new title :) I think I will buy some of the krill oil and read more about acidophulus tablets. I like your health tips. You recommend the show Blue Bloods so I will check it out. As you said, God is good and I learn a lot in women's Bible study and have formed some friendships there.

Betsy said...

Very wise advice Dr. Debra. I already do most of it except the krill oil and the acidophilus tablets. Maybe I need to check those out. We have had a remarkably healthy few years too, with the exception of Dennis having the flu in January . In the winter time we take “System well ultimate immunity” tablets every day. We also send them to Alex in Japan and he credits them as keeping him healthy in the crowds they have there. Your library is absolutely amazing! I recognize some of those titles as books that I read as a young girl.
Many blessings, Betsy

Pam said...

Debra, you're obviously doing lots of things right to enjoy such long-term health. A few years ago, I discovered Dr. Mercola, and his articles have really opened my eyes. I take magnesium, D3 with K2, and B12, with very good results. Would you mind sharing what type of acidophulus tablets you take?

Rebecca said...

I probably SHOULD take some of those supplements as I turn 70 in December. And re. the books, I must say I share your opinion of them! I see Grace Livingston Hill, Miss Read, Laura Ingalls much more! Thanks for posting. I'm impressed and inspired.

Anonymous said...

Through the years you have mentioned your health discoveries and I have tried many with good result. Thanks so much! At 71 I am finding I need help staying asleep. I will try amping up the amount of magnesium and krill that I am taking. I was taking less than you have found helpful.
Thank you too for showing us your book shelfs. I made the prints larger and can read most of them. I too saw many favorites of mine too there. :)
I drink a fake coffee like the old Postum brand that I can't find anymore. The two bands out like it now are Roma and Pero. Sprouts market has them as do others. The ingredients are malted barley,barley,chicory and rye. Tastes to me like coffee but 100% natural and no caffeine. It is instant coffee. Have you tried it? Sarah

Debra said...

Hi Terra! I really should get over to your blog more often. You sound like such a sweet person! I really do recommend acidophilus. Can't say enough good about it. Krill oil is great also, for many things, but tends to be relatively expensive. I buy it at, but they're often out. If anything, though, you can use their price as a comparison to other places and brands. It's the best price I've found anywhere. Oh, and Blue Bloods! We love that show. Try to find it from at least the second season, perhaps Netflix still has it?

Thanks, Betsy! As I mentioned to Terra, I really do recommend acidophilus. Gut health is so vital in today's world of diseases. I prefer the tasty chewable so as I never forget to take those! 😄

Hi Pam! Tom also takes the K and B12 and swears by them. I'll probably go to those if someday what I'm doing doesn't seem to be enough. Heh. Currently we're using the American Health brand of acidolphulus chewable from, but any tend to be good. Well, not the Enzmatic Therapy brand. I noticed when I took those my ol' head didn't feel nearly as happy. 😌 And yeah! Dr. Mercola is pretty eye opening. We've changed our way of thinking in lots of ways after reading his stuff. But oh, he can get nit picky, indeed. Heh.

Hi Rebecca! So glad you enjoyed seeing my books and it sounds like we're certainly kindred spirits in Bookland! Sounds like you're doing great at 70 and that inspires me--thanks!

Thank-you, Everyone! Blessings, Debra