Wednesday, October 04, 2017

First We Grieve. Then We Heal.

"But mark this: there will be terrible times in the last days."  ... 2 Timothy 3:1


Monday evening after Tom arrived home, I stood before our front window closing our mustard-paisley curtains. Always I do that, but this time? I paused, feeling like my fingers had shut out the awful outside world. And it felt good to do so.

I'd had enough of that world and of the pain from the Las Vegas massacre news. As you know, I'd lived in Nevada--and that brings the tragedy closer to ones heart. We'd once visited Las Vegas, also. 

The Bible says 'grieve with those who grieve' and I've allowed my heart to do that.  People who ignore grief or shove it downward for later (or never) find they cannot heal at all. Watch the hoarder shows--you'll see.

"First we grieve, then we heal." My mind keeps repeating that, so I've been grieving with millions. 

And now God's healing my heart.

I'm so grateful that God didn't just float a warning down to us (via the Bible) that these horrible days were coming and then poof! Disappear. No, He promised He'd never leave us, then He provided the Holy Spirit, the best comforter of all.

And I'm grateful for the reminders at these times that my own frustrations, annoyances and so-called problems are--in reality--incredibly tiny. Seldom worth mentioning. Times like these I recall what and who really matters.

Yet back to our front curtains--that was a permissible day/time for me to shut out the world, but not a 'forever time'. No, with all the evil out in that world, I, we, need to double the love we show. Double our obedience to God when He says "give". 

And double our empathy, our compassion, especially now so to honor those who can no longer help loved ones left behind, hurting.

And as always, it's in giving that we, ourselves, continue to heal.

"And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another comforter, to be with you forever..."   ... John 14:16

"Encouragement for today: “This is a tough time to be alive.” But I want to encourage you today, if this is the time frame that God chose for you to be in, then you’ve got what it takes to be here." -----Joyce  Meyer

"Put on strength, put on hope, put on courage, and step into the place of activation. Be bold. Take action. Live by faith."     ----- Neil Vermillion



Oh wow. I just now saw this at Facebook. 



rebecca said...

Your words are wise and show much empathy and compassion.
BTW, I'd love to see those "mustard paisley" curtains :)

Robin in New Jersey said...

Oh my, that story you linked, tears, tears. We had a beagle like the one you posted. We had to put him down in 2010. It was a very sad day. I feel for that lady. And as for closing the curtains to the outside world, yup, yes, for sure. I just said to myself this morning, turn off the tv!! I actually look forward to going to work, it takes my mind off of it all. Keep the faith!

Debra said...

Rebecca--thank-you so much! I appreciate your words and that you read here so faithfully. Oh, and you can even see my mustard-paisley curtains right now. :) Just go here to photos of my home and they'll pop right up (I found them at Target and still love them) ---

Robin--so glad you liked the story I linked to! Wasn't it wonderfully heartfelt? And I'm happy, too, that your workplace can be a respite place for you--not everyone can say that.

Thanks so much, Ladies! Blessings, Debra