Thursday, March 30, 2017

Visiting Myself Back In 2007

One of the best things about a blog?

You can time-travel back ten years to where you lived and, like a (friendly) silent intruder, watch yourself. What you were feeling, doing and thinking--and decide whether you've changed or not.

According to this post from March 28th, 2007, I've barely changed, though technically, I'm living in a different house and town and have new cats. But I work the same way, no, even more leisurely. Believe it or not.  😃


"The time of the singing of birds is ..... here!"   ... Song of Solomon 2:12

For four days we've had gorgeous, Spring-like noons and Lennon The Cat and I have lounged on our front porch and watched our neighbors burst from their doors to celebrate these 50 and 60 degree temperatures. 

Remember how I told you someone in our supermarket whistled the themes from old tv series one morning? Well, two days ago, our neighbor began whistling the song from Gilligan's Island. Honest. 

Must be something in our water.

Most early Springtimes from our wicker chair, I spy on our neighbors while they clear the winter debris while sweating in their yards, like, 4 to 8 hours in a single day. I go inside, occasionally peek out the windows and, hour after hour, yep! They're still out there. Raking, bagging leaves, digging. 

Working hard.

Me? Nah. I'm an "inch-by-inch-anything's-a-cinch" worker. In my yard, I work a little, rest a little, read a little, drink a little lemonade. Work a little, rest a little, read a little, drink a little lemonade...

Take Sunday evening. I wiped down our front porch and vacuumed the rug. Took less than a half hour. Then yesterday, with my tiny hand-rake, I sat and began clearing our yard's brown autumn leaves and twigs from the flower beds--in two 20-minute shifts. And even though our front yard is the size of an average pick-up truck--still--it will probably take me a week to finish the clearing away. 

Next I'll move on to the side yards, then the back. Ol' Debra's favorite saying is, "Slow and steady wins the race." Emphasis on slow. And steady.

And you know? While I peer across the street and think my neighbors do their yard work the difficult way, they're most likely peeking over here and thinking I do everything the lazy way.

And yet, both ways, it all gets done. Year after year and Springtime after Springtime.

And isn't that what matters most? That, and not forming critical opinions when people do things differently?

I believe so, anyway.

Seldom do I miss a specific thing from my Past, but occasionally I miss this pretty yard. It's the first one I designed myself--and the place where I fell in love with forget-me-nots.

“In the Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

     ― Margaret AtwoodBluebeard's Egg

“She turned to the sunlight
    And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
    "Winter is dead.” 

       ― A.A. MilneWhen We Were Very Young

                                                    “Don't criticize what you can't understand.” 

                                                                  (Wise words from Bob Dylan)


Don't you love it when your new book arrives and has an old-fashioned end paper like this one?  --

The book is this one --

-- and it's perfect. Just perfect!


You might enjoy the 'whistling post' I mentioned above --- Magic Everywhere.



Betsy said...

I so enjoyed this post Debra. Slow and steady. I like that. I tend to be an all or nothing person. I need to learn to slow down and appreciate what I do get done. We're planning to move in about five years...back to the Midwest to be near family after Hubby retires. He also said we can move to a smaller house here if I want to until then. What do you think? A lot of work to move twice in five years? But think of the fun decorating!

Debra said...

Oh Betsy! I'm so the wrong person to ask whether you should move or not. I'd always say go ahead and move! :) Heh. Especially with the way I'm feeling lately, for yes! Just as you said--think of the fun of decorating!

The one thing which does keep me sensible in my own life, though, is counting the cost of all the help and energy we'd need. Oh my. Our last move here just about did me in and for our next move I've already told Tom I'll need *lots* of help. No more, "I can do it myself." Uh, no. Just can't handle it alone anymore.

So nice of your hubby to say you can move if you'd like! Wishing you all the best and all wisdom in this decision.... Debra

Shirley in Washington said...

Hi Debra - I love books and your booklists! I was wondering about Sandy's Spurs. What is the storyline? I would also love another booklist blog post. Thank you, Shirley

Shirley in Washington said...

Hi Debra - I tried to leave a comment yesterday but must have hit the wrong button! I have been reading your blog for a year or so but have gone back in your older posts also. I always enjoy your book lists! I love books especially vintage children or YA novels. I was just wondering what "Sandy's Spurs" was about - especially since you described it as perfect! I am always looking for my next read but love to reread favorites. I just got done reading "Jane of Lantern Hill" for the umpteenth time. Thank you, Shirley