Thursday, July 21, 2016

One Path To Feeling Free Again

"The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied."  ...   Proverbs 13:4


Want to know what also helped yank me out of that mid-life crisis thing relatively quick? 

I took a chunk out of my What I've Been Procrastinating List. You know, finally obeyed that still, small nagging voice and I --

... washed the three white curtains that I've got hanging in front of shelves upstairs (also involved: ironing and hanging a new curtain rod). And washed my white bedspread.

... accepted that this old(er) body is more high maintenance now and I'm too young to just let it go. And went back to work on it.

...finally read certain books on my shelves. Gave away some that simply weren't 'keepers'.

... carried bags of clutter from the basement down the street to the Salvation Army drop-off bin. Worked on the basement a bit (it's never-ending, but I'm trying).

... spray-painted items that had needed painting for months.

And more.

And as always, oh, the shock at how quickly these tasks were completed. They did not take forever(!) nor were they dreadful. And wow, the near-giddiness I felt after flinging away that heavy cloak of All Those Tasks Left Undone.

I highly recommend un-procrastination. It's so freeing. It's nearly like taking a happy pill. 

No, really.

"Just do it." ... Nike

And I must add this: Bubbly On Your Budget, the book I recommended a few posts ago... That Marjorie Hillis was remarkable at making you want to jump up and clean and cull things and see your possessions within the light of luxury. Truly, she's reminded me of much I'd forgotten or let slide.


Tom and I visited a church rummage sale last Saturday and I spent a whole $1.25 on these:

Speaking of procrastination, I had to toss 5 vintage aprons because I'd left them in a basement box for 4 years and darn that unremovable mildew smell anyway. This pretty blue apron was better than I deserve.  :)

And the funky Florida plate? It's unexplainable why I love that sort of thing. It actually surprises me I don't have more of it.


Oh, and one estate sale house had a small room off the front door used solely for a library. Wow, the hundreds of old books upon open shelves and in barrister bookcases to the ceiling (I wanted to stand in that room forever).

That (perfect) 1930's house is for sale, but is priced higher than we'd like to spend, so I came home (and sulked awhile), then placed more books around our living room so to be surrounded by them as I had been in that dusty old library room.

It's not quite the same, but hey, it's a start:

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time ... do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is."   ... Ephesians 5:15-17


Calling all Lucy fans! The annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival in Jamestown, NY will be held soon. If not for the small matter of at least 25,000 other fans showing up, I'd consider going.  

But anyway, simply peeking at the itinerary is great fun. Go here and see if you agree. (The Topicana room dinner would be a favorite, as well as Lucy and Ethel's dinner show and all tours around town, etc.)



Betsy said...

What a great post. I read the Amazon description of "Bubbly on Your Budget" and it looks like a lot of common sense. :-) I have procrastinated for almost a year now. Just don't have the energy to do all of the things I need to. I need to get off my "duff" and get busy around here. Thanks for the push. :-)

Pam said...

Yesterday I started working on a task that I've been avoiding. Cleaning fans. Even tho we have central air, ceiling fans, and exhaust fans, I think I have to have little table top fans in the bathrooms. Those things are dust collectors! When I woke up yesterday, I knew it was time to tackle at least one fan. I got a screwdriver, a toothbrush, some hot sudsy water, a rag, and within minutes, that thing looked brand new. Mission accomplished. Don't know why I put it off so long.

Terra Hangen said...

That Lucy fest sounds fun, and I too would like an entire room as a library. Those old books you saw would beckon to me and I would probably buy some.