Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Major Reason Growing Older Is Awesome

"Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart."  ...Proverbs 21:2


So I was thinking. (Uh-oh.) At 57, I've created a history! Something from which to learn and relearn.

I've done things, both wise and not-so, and traveled places by train, bus, plane and car. I've viewed much of the U.S. (and tiny bits of Canada), made and lost many friends by either distance, time, indifference or death.

I attended 14 years of schooling, got married, had a child and watched her grow up, leave home, then return again. I've lived in three states and 12 houses (since 1978) which I've painted, wallpapered, cleaned (and re-cleaned!) and survived many renovations. I've had tons of cats, grown flower and vegetable gardens, visited hundreds of yard sales, estate sales and thrift shops and attended church where I've taught children in classrooms and basements and adults in sanctuaries. 

I've waited through Tom's surgeries, visited with friends in coffee shops and their homes and mine and written thousands of letters, emails, diary entries and blog posts. I've read hundreds of books and watched probably too many movies and tv shows. 

I've gone camping, ridden in motor boats, roller and ice-skated, grocery-shopped hundreds of times, sat in movie theaters, attended concerts, school plays and church potlucks, parties and picnics.

Of course there's more, including the whole gamut of emotions I felt during all that, but good gracious! Just creating that list made me dizzy.  

It's not an exciting, unusual list. But it's plenty for me.

But a major reason I like being on this side of that list? Now when I do things, I do them because God's leading me to or I want or need to. Not because people will resent me if I don't or how they'll be impressed or think I'm sweet and thoughtful if I do. 

Oh, motives! They will jog us around in circles or a straight, productive line. Chain us up or set us free. 

And what has most simplified my life these later years? Made them easier and more joy-filled? Just trying to do what God asks. When He asks. Without arguing, but instead, remembering He knows what's down the road, waiting, and the straightest, least-confusing way to arrive there.

In heart peace, always in the eye of all swirling storms (including emotional and even political ones).


Thanks to all of you who've left such kind comments since Monday! I appreciated them, much. The winners of the Amazon gift cards have been notified and I really enjoyed giving them away. Perhaps I'll do another drawing in early December?

Giving. It improves any day.


Students Welcome 'Waving Grandma In The Window' Home From Hospital


Has anyone else been watching Brain Dead on CBS? Tom and I have, via On Demand, and are shocked at how much we've enjoyed this quirky (quirky!) show. Especially me, who dislikes politics way more than I've told you.

In order for it to make sense, watch this series from the beginning, (though they do try to catch you up before each episode via a silly song). 

It's not a show for everyone, but it's been for Tom and me (though yes, a couple scenes could have easily been snipped). We've always liked shows with a quirkiness, humor and sentiment combo. Brain Dead has all that in spades.


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Robin in New Jersey said...

We are kindred spirits~~I don't like politics either!

Pam said...

It sure took me a long time to realize that pleasing God should be my main focus in life. For years I struggled to please people and always felt like a dog chasing my tail. I'm a slow learner, but God never gave up on me.