Monday, February 29, 2016

Remembering February

"Count your blessings, not your problems." ... copied


An extra day of February? Eegads. Can't it just be over already?

Yes Folks, Pollyanna Debra has left the building.


Nah, mostly I'm just tired of having been sick the entire month(!) Not (fortunately) 'sick as unto death', just coughy, bronchitis-blah-headed and uninspired.

Personally, I'm planning on this being my final wimpy week.

Yet any Average Arnie can count and complain about his problems, so I'm, instead, crawling above average and reminding myself of what went right this month:

1.) We had no place for Naomi to hang her coats and scarves, so I discovered a spot (no easy feat in our tiny house) and then bought this coat rack at Amazon:

It's not anything like what I'd gone to find--but it's turned out ever so much better. Looks like it belongs, as though it's been there for years (Tom's words). 

2.) With a gift card, I ordered some terrific kids' lit. books and--when I took this photo--was in the middle of reading each one:

Does anyone else read five books at a time?

3.) I received some very sweet Valentines in my mailbox. February may be my least favorite month, but it does contain the best holiday. (And again, thanks to each of you who thought of me!)

4.) For the first time ever, I beheld a February crocus. What a heart-lifter that was yesterday to step outside in 56 sunny degrees and spy that little purple flower.

5.) Tom and I watched two delightful kids' films: Goosebumps and Inside Out. I cried through pretty much half (laughed the other half) of Inside Out and Goosebumps was incredibly fun for us both.

6.) Because I did so much grocery prepping last Autumn, I got to skip shopping on most weekends. Only a couple times did Tom need to pick up bread and milk, otherwise, we had everything we needed. Prepping--it's awesome.   

7.) Oh, and we had lots of sunny days. Often I sat at our dining room table, reading, soaking in the sunshine.

And we didn't get all that much snow, so rare was the morning I had to shovel before Tom left for work.

And ok, these may not sound like much, but to me, in  The Bad Month February, all these felt like customized, specially-designed blessings from God. They meant much to me--and that's what matters.


The world already has far too many complainers. Presently, there's a huge need for reporters of the good stuff.

"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around."   -----   Willie Nelson

"...and be ye thankful." 


Oh, and one of our friends from our Nevada years asked if we could please pray for her nephew who has tried twice to overdose on drugs. My friend, herself, is having a risky hospital procedure done today (3/1) and we'd appreciate your prayers about that, also. Thanks so much...



Robin in New Jersey said...

Reading this rather late in the day. Praying that your friends surgery went well. Also hoping that you are over that nasty cold soon!

Debra said...

Thanks so much, Robin! You are a very kind person to pray for my friend and wish me well. I appreciate you and may God reward you in special ways for your kindness. Blessings, Debra