Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Field Trip While I'm *Still* Recuperating

Oh for goodness sake.

Last week my buddy, Tracy, said at Facebook that she has acute bronchitis (oh dear). And you know? I think that's what I've got. 

Bleh. All those symptoms I read about online sounded awfully familiar. No wonder this has hung on over 3 weeks. 

I do feel at least 90%+ better than I did. But gee, this not being able to talk (talk, talk, talk) without coughing is majorly annoying. I am a woman, after all.  :)

Anyway. Today I'll send you on a field trip, but beware. Only folks who want to mature in godly ways will appreciate the trip.

I'd planned to write a post like this one, but Rodney beat me to it--and--wrote it better than I would have.

So here you go.


If Rodney's post touches or teaches you, I hope you'll let him know.

P.S.  If I owe you an email, please be patient with me. I'm pretty behind in Email Land.


Don't you just love this?




Tracy Lee said...

Hope you are feeling better & are on the road to recovery, Debra!

Terra Hangen said...

Be fully well soon Debra. I must tell you I like the art work about drawing your own lines.

Debra said...

Tracy--thanks so much! Actually I've been feeling better since writing this post. I'm thinking people are praying for me and that makes such a difference! Hoping you're feeling better today as well!

Terra--thank-you! I do continue to improve each day. I'm so glad you like the art work in my blog header. I really liked it the moment I spied it at Facebook! :)

Thanks, Ladies! Blessings, Debra