Monday, January 11, 2016

New Friends and Ideas For a New Year

Of course, a walk around Blogland also does a body (and soul) good (a reference to my last post). This morning I ventured past Cherry Hill Cottage for the first time and oh my! Tina graciously invited me into her to-die-for sweet kitchen. (And here.)

Over cornbread, she told me about Danielle's dollhouse friends, The Littletons and how they discovered their new house, then decorated it for Christmas. Enchanting, all of it. 

Those Littletons. They stole my heart.

Tina said she has dozens of home-loving friends I can visit. (Though sadly, many have ceased telling their stories.) And you know? I wasn't even trying, but I quickly found a kindred spirit. Wow. Brin's writing snatches my breath away (and the quotes she shares!) and I would be jealous except that God won't let me.  :)

Here's a peek into Brin's homemaking heart:

With the exception of a lunchtime meeting, it's a quiet, laundry and day-in-the-kitchen sort of day today. The sort of day when you just keep feeding clothes into the washer and food into the oven: a cake, some rolls, a quiche. (Into the oven. Not the washer. I'm not putting quiche into the washer, obviously. Ugh. I could go back and revise that sentence, but I'm not.) Anyway. Lately I've been all about making meals ahead and doubling recipes so I don't have to cook as often. I'm extraordinarily grateful for this leisure time to get things done today!

And almost hast Brin persuaded me to bake yeast bread. Almost.

Many afternoons I take off searching for new friends in Blogland yet so often I return, alone. (And grumpy, if you want to know.) But not today. My, my, my... not today.

                                "Iron sharpens iron, and one (wo)man sharpens another."  ...Proverbs 27:17


Never give up on what God wants you to do!


So I'm nearly finished underlining my favorite repurposing ideas in the book, Re-Uses. Afterward, I'll put the best ones into use around our house.

I even created a 'treasure chest' in our basement so I'll be prepared to put together new ideas/projects. Inside a bin (tote) I've tossed:

Canning jars and clean empty food jars of all sizes
Metal soup cans and others of all sizes
Thin cardboard
Plastic jars with lids, pill bottles and yogurt cups
Plastic bowls with lids from Chinese take-out, etc.

Already my new treasure chest has come in handy.

Oh, and did you see all the utterly clever ideas online for reusing K cups?



Living on Less Money Blog said...

I did end up ordering the book but it got lost so they sent me another one. I've put it in my 'to read' pile and hope to get to it this year. Always looking for new ideas. Thanks for the suggestion.

Brin said...

Hi Debra!

Wow. Thank you so much for your kind mention. I'm glad we've been blog introduced!

Just so you know, I want to find that chair/place you have in your blog header, take a book and some tea, and never come back. What a wonderful place. :)

So nice to "meet" you!