Monday, November 30, 2015

Random Thoughts. Yes, More.

1.)  On sunny days, I stare at our dining area and kitchen and watch all the sparkles. (Real-life is sparklier than the photo.)

2.)  Tom took last week off from work and basically, I accomplished nothing. That husband God gave me and his diabolical distractions!  heh.

3.)  Remember our last 6,000 mile train trip across the United States? Not once did I have to show my driver's licence nor did anyone frisk me. Can you believe it? Same thing happened back in 2010. One of the best things about train travel, imo.

4.)  Sometimes I'll spy a photo-worthy scene from my kitchen sink so I grab my camera and race outside to snap a picture. I've not asked my neighbors what they think about this odd behavior (for obvious reasons). Here's what I most recently snapped:

... I loved the orange of the tree and the pumpkins, but oh my! There's a ghost in the window. Can you see him?  :)

5.) Remember Jiffy Mixes? Did you know you can order them online at around $1 a box? You get to choose any 12 mixes you wish (cake, pizza dough, muffins, brownies etc.) and the whole process feels very old-fashioned. Choose 24, though, to make them $1 each, the shipping cost being what it is.

And yes, I realize these are not health food. They're just fun to keep on my emergency shelves and use o-c-c-a-s-i-o-n-a-l-l-y, ok?

6.) Tom and I, via Netflix, watched the documentary about Glen Campbell called, I'll Be Me. Loved it much, even though we watched most of it through teary eyes. Wow. All those final concerts while struggling with Alzhiemer's! Miraculous. Highly recommended.

7.) Oh, and on a cloudy morning I discovered EarthCam. Amazing! You can visit all these places in America and around the world via a live feed. Felt like I'd gone around the world in 80 minutes rather than 80 days. Check it out here.

8.) Tom and I celebrated our 37th anniversary last Wednesday. It was a quiet affair and predictable--just the way we like it. Chinese food, delivered, and we caught up on our favorite tv shows. The previous Saturday, though, we did go see the new James Bond movie as an early anniversary event. Both days were super-enjoyed by us.

9.) Had to call the ol' refrigerator repair guy again this morning due to the top freezer leaking. This time he tried a trick with a copper wire and advised turning both freezer and fridge down lower. I asked if we should buy a new fridge but he exclaimed, "Oh no! Don't do that. This should last you much longer."

I thought, "How sweet of him to save us from spending a bunch of money." But then something occurred to me: If we did buy a new fridge, we'd not have to call him to come fix it--so no extra $$ for him. Ha! He's a really nice guy so I'll not assume that was his intention.

Go trying to read other peoples' intentions and you usually end up feeling ashamed/wrong/foolish later.

10.)  Naomi leaves for her West Coast band tour on Wednesday morning. Any prayers for her safety (and the band's) would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

       "The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives." - Louise Hays


Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.


Elizabeth said...

I have seen the Glen Campbell documentary, it was sad to see him like that. I share your joy of lovely pics! Happy Anniversary !

Pam said...

Debra, I've been looking around my home and seeing lots of "sparkles" also. We just returned from visiting our son for Thanksgiving (drove nearly 2,000 miles), and I've been channeling Dorothy. Truly, there's no place like home. Yesterday, I changed out my fall decorations for Christmas ones, and now there's really some great sparkle happening. Those Jiffy mixes brought back memories! Years ago, they were actually pretty good. Are they still? I will be praying for Naomi.

Deborah Raney said...

I see the sparkles! But I know what you mean that a photo never quite does the sparkles justice. Still, that is the most lovely view into your kitchen! Couldn't be cozier or homier! Just the right amount of pretty things to rest your eyes on, and knowing you, each has a memory to go with it. Love your attitude, and always enjoy your blog. This post was one of my favorites!

Debra said...

Elizabeth--oh, I know... it was a bittersweet documentary, wasn't it? But I kept seeing that God and the gift He gave Glenn were what was miraculously getting him through those concerts. That was the awe-inspiring, amazing part to me! Wow. :)

Pam--what a long drive you took! And I'm glad you're seeing the sparkles in your own home--isn't home such a wonderful place to be? I enjoyed our train trip, but oh, it was so good to return home. :) The Jiffy mixes are still pretty good! And still so easy to make. Happy sigh.....

Deb--such high praise coming from a decorator such as yourself! Thanks so much! I always enjoy seeing your home photos at Facebook and seeing *your* lovely attitude shining through your posts.

Thanks so much, Ladies! Blessings, Debra

Robin in New Jersey said...

Thanks for all the news and links. I will look for that documentary on Netflix. Prayers for your daughter as she travels.