Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Questions! I'm Getting Questions.

Some of my readers, also, hear the rumblings of an approaching train bearing down upon the United States. They've realized there are huge consequences for blatantly pushing God away, killing 55 million babies and changing God's perfect plan for marriage. And more such darkness.

You just can't get away with that forever. 

Before the train blasts through our Country, I'm determined to prepare myself, my home, as best I can for whatever that correction/judgement will look like. 

So this week, as some of you have asked, I'll share more prepping information. 

And for those who believe Life will continue all la-de-da-the-same forever? You can check back here next week for more regularly-scheduled posts. Or a Last Days version of them, anyway. For me, much has changed, as have I, and my future writings will reflect that. So we'll see what happens.

Ok. For those still reading, here we go.

Do I seriously believe huge, life-altering events are coming to the United States? Yes, with all my heart. One-hundred percent. Soon. Call it 'drinking the kool-aid' if you wish, but I believe. 

Do I want you to go all prepper-like just because I am? No. I'd rather you hear from God for yourself, then proceed as He leads. My goal is to warn and present practical ideas which may save peoples' lives someday, no matter how many preachers/teachers declare that Christian preppers are sinning/unfaithful/stupid. It's like they're laughing at those preparing an ark as Noah did and the price they'll someday pay for misleading their listeners, horrifies me.

Me? I can't afford such a high price. Besides, it's wisdom being prepared for any disaster, natural ones included. The Bible warns there will be an increase of those--you've noticed that's already happening, right?

Anyway. Here are some ideas:

If God is telling you to prepare for anything, then go for it. Do your prepping as unto Him, with excellence, focus, always asking Him for grace and to lead you to the best learning places. 

If your spouse isn't on board? Pray that he/she will be. Believe. But as with sharing the gospel, don't cram it down his/her throat. Pray, share a bit of how you're feeling and what you've read. Then proceed as God leads you to prepare. Trust Him for finances as well as clever ways to use/gather/organize what you already have.

At first I aimed at being prepared for a 3-month-long emergency, but 2 weeks might be more feasible for you as a start. Water, food, alternate ways to heat our home as well as meals, etc. are what I concentrated upon.

Water is the most important thing. How much water? One gallon per day per person is the oft mentioned recommendation. Yeah, that's a lot. I'm getting there slowly, but I'm also planning to rig a way to get water from our rain gutters. Fortunately, we still get rain here.

There are ways to purify water and to freshen what you've stored awhile. I also bought two water filtration bottles which are supposed to remove 99% of most everything.

Regarding foods to store? Here's a good list to get you started. I don't buy everything she names, but it's a sensible list.

And for fun? This weekend I played along with this how-much-food-should-you-store-for-one-year chart. I halved the numbers since I'm now aiming for 6 months. Then I made a list on paper, noting beside each food item whether I had 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or enough of each thing. Now when I make my grocery lists, I can focus on buying foods with the lowest fractions written beside them.

Must you buy expensive freeze dried food? No. The most important thing is to learn how to safely store normal shelf-stable foods. Oh, and canned foods can often be used past their expiration dates if they're stored safely and are not bulging, leaking, rusting. 

Usually it's best to buy the largest cans/jars of food available, right? Not always. If, in an emergency, you have no refrigeration (or snow or cold outside) what's leftover from a large opened can will spoil. Since it's just Tom and me here, I've been storing regular-sized cans.

I've also been collecting extra food so to help neighbors who did not prepare. What's coming, I (and many others) believe will provide an awesome opportunity to share not just life-saving food, but our faith with others.

Don't have much room for storing food? Go here.

Ok, that's enough for today. I hope this answers some questions and gives you places to begin your own emergency preparedness. 

Next time I'll add more ideas.

This is not my pantry. Wish it was, though. Oh, the organization!


Want to learn how any type of an EMP would forever change our lives? The Kindle version of the book, Pulse, is now available for only $1.99. (It's free if you have Kindle Unlimited.) This (wild/scary/gripping) book greatly helped my determination to prepare for *anything.*

You'll never, ever view electricity the same way...


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."   ...Philippians 4:13

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