Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Those Darn Sudden Changes

"Praise be to the ... Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles..."  ... 2 Corinthians 1:3,4


Yesterday we made plans.

Today at 1:30 I'd walk over to the fun-time dentist's office, have two teeth pulled (sigh) then return home to Naomi. While I recuperated on the couch, she'd bring me water or a snack and say, "Poor Mom. Poor, poor Mom."

Then Tom would arrive home and the three of us would watch our Netflixed disc of the 2008 X-Files movie, I Want to Believe. (We'd tried to find time for a viewing since Saturday.) Afterward, Tom would help fix Naomi's laptop.

Tuesday would be great, all things regarding my pulled teeth considered.

But then, oh dear. 

Yesterday evening Naomi rushed in the door and announced she must leave in the morning. Her friend from NYC (with whom she'd just toured London) needed her for a couple last-minute gigs. Big-time stuff involving some big names and a dearly-needed paycheck and--.

Gah. Isn't disappointment so, well, disappointing

Don't you hate it when wham! All your well-laid plans change? Though I didn't fall apart, neither did I handle it with grace oozing everywhere. But we all talked through it. I explained to Naomi if it wasn't for the tooth extraction thing it would have been easier to accept. She'd not yet told us how long she'd stay this time and it had been so pleasant having our drummer daughter home and--

When she left this morning she was excited and all was/is as well as can be, though I'm still a bit teary-eyed. But she is more God's than ours (and even so, I made sure to do my make-up so that 1.) She'd remember me looking decent and 2.) So that it would keep me from crying harder, having to look ok when I visit the dentist later, etc.).


At times like these I'm especially grateful for God who will be here in the silence when I arrive home and lie down upon the red couch with two less teeth. 

And yes, Daniel and Sammy the cats will be around and Tom promised to come home straight from work. But still, even they could never comfort me as God can, for no one else cheers and strengthens my heart that all-encompassing way. 

And oh, what would I do if He ever drove away early on a Tuesday morning? 

"I will never leave you  nor forsake you..."

How we deal with disappointment reveals much about who (or what) means most to us.

Any prayers for Naomi's traveling safety today would be much appreciated. Thank-you!


Yesterday I finally read the majority of The Harbinger. Wow. Personal confirmation galore and so much I'd not before realized. No wonder I've not felt patriotic in at least 15 years. (Calm down. Calm down.)  :)

Well, I'd listened to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn for hours via The Jim Bakker Show  online (hey, deal with it. It's my new favorite show since August.) so I knew before reading the book, where he was coming from. But I read some reviews on Amazon of The Harbinger and thought, "What? Did I misunderstand The Rabbi?"

No, turns out some reviewers misunderstood (what else is new?). And this led other (gullible, sheep-like) folks to not even read The Harbinger, some of them leaving comments anyway on a book they plan never to read!

This is my Number One pet peeve. Oh my goodness.

I hope none of my readers here do that. May you all be brave enough to read and think for yourselves. To let the Holy Spirit teach and guide you regarding all media rather than accept the opinions of another person, known or unknown to you.

I think that's called being grown-up. Mature. Able to decide for yourself.


I enjoyed this article about Sean Astin. Perhaps you will, also.


I'll describe the Amtrak bedrooms at a later time, in case you were wondering...


Terra said...

Oh dear, such a disappointment your nurse AKA Naomi for post tooth recovery had to go, but of course she had to go. As you said, God will never leave us or forsake us.

Pam said...

Deb, this post hit home for me. I especially appreciate your line that states:"How we deal with disappointment reveals who/what means most to us." I try to understand when stuff happens and plans and promises are changed, but we're only human, so there are moments of disappointment. However, when I finally got to the place that I realized the Lord was the only One who will never let me down, it helped me to accept the fact that people can't help but let us down every once in awhile. So much (nearly everything) is beyond our control.

I will pray for Naomi and for your mouth to heal. Two extractions is major in my book. God be with you!