Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Funny Thing Happened at the Dentist's Office ---

" ... but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God."   ... 1 Samuel 30:6


I just returned from the dentist's office and to keep things simple I'll copy and paste the email I sent to Tom at work:

"I actually had fun at the dentist's office! Wow. Even though I had a filling done. Even though I'm going to have to have *two* teeth pulled later. And even though my whole mouth situation is pretty bleak. Even so, it felt more like fun than drudgery.

There were Disney posters everywhere and lots of dental workers (one was his daughter) and lots of patients and it felt more like a circus. Everyone was laughing and super nice! And the young guy who pulls teeth (and who grew up with the older dentist's son) seemed so sweet and explained to me how he'll pull mine. He came in to work just as I was leaving and took the extra time to take me back to the room to look at the x rays and my actual teeth.

Amazing that this place is so close--what a blessing! One of those God-things, definitely, and reminded me why I love New York so much."

I often encourage you to expect good things, and well, this weekend I 'encouraged myself in the Lord' to do the same. Even though I'd never been to this dental office and even though I've got some scary problems inside my mouth. Even so.

I'm glad I did and oh my--God has again shown himself so very good, far better than I deserve. Indeed.

             "Be it unto you even as you have believed."  Matthew 8:13

          "You have turned my mourning into dancing for me."   ...Psalm 30:11



What's cooking in my crockpot today?  Barbecued pork necks.


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Elizabeth said...

That's great Debra! I enjoy going to my dentist office also. It is a very beautiful , relaxing place!

Pam said...

Debra, what a testament you are to your faith!! Going to the dentist, facing extractions, and still your attitude is so positive. Bless your heart! Your dental office sounds like a Godsend, literally.

Debra said...

Elizabeth--your dentist's office sounds nice! Rather like that mri place I've written about before where Tom goes (and I tag along). This dentist's office was more silly and hopping, which I found so unusual that it made for a great change and kept me a little in a happy sort of shock. :)

Pam--it was so weird! There the doctor was pretty much telling me my teeth are toast, yet I was having such a great time in that happy place. (Insert Twilight Zone theme song here,) :) Thanks for your kind comments!

Thanks so much, Ladies! Blessings, Debra