Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm Expecting Dancing. You?

Daniel likes to play Day At The Beach there upon our table. He certainly has the right idea.

Me? When I'm not sitting beside him reading in our (blessedly frequent) sunshine, I'm watching shows like: 

Bargain Beach House Hunt
No Reservations (when Anthony visits sunny, exotic locations)
Hawaii Five-O
Tiny House Hunt (especially when they're searching for vacation homes)

You've got to know what saves your sanity and just do that. Even if--to other people--it appears like you're wasting time.

You may quote me.


Here in Buffalo we're breaking winter weather records lately which certainly says much, considering.

Oh, how we'll all splash around giddily in Springtime! If I behold more dancing in the streets (and here) than I already do, I'll not widen my eyes a bit. I'm expecting delight.

"Be it unto you even as you have believed." 

What are you anticipating in the months ahead? Sweet or sour? Gladness or sadness?

Sometimes it's good to pause and ask ourselves such questions.

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."

[Meditations Divine and Moral]” 
― Anne BradstreetThe Works of Anne Bradstreet


"A person's steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way?"   ...Proverbs 20:24

...(so why do we expect other people to understand us? Hmm?)


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Elizabeth said...

I am enjoying sitting at my living room window looking at the beautiful sunshine and blue skies, it is way too cold for this Florida girl to venture out today but I am enjoying this quiet day inside relaxing,life is good!

Pam said...

"You've got to know what saves your sanity and just do it." Now those are words of wisdom! Even tho we're wrapping up a difficult winter (surely we're nearing the end!) we know spring will come again. One of the reasons I love living where the seasons change, is because they are a constant reminder of the ebb and flow of life. Stay warm, Debra. BTW, how's Tom doing?

Debra said...

Elizabeth--sounds like you're having a day like I've had many of here. Yours sounds cozy, indeed!

Pam--yep, I'll take all four seasons rather than one long summer one, any day. :) Thanks for asking about Tom and praying, too! A couple days ago he began feeling much better.

Thanks, Ladies! Blessings, Debra

Saija said...

it's the day of the polar bear plunge, here in middle canada ... extreme weather warnings are out, windchill is near -40 ... yup yup ... tho' since the beach is only 2 minutes away, i shall dress warmly and go cheer on the hearty souls ... sometimes it's ok to just be a spectator ... thankful for our warm home and GOD's continued blessings - and the HOPE of spring ... there will be dancing in the streets here! (hugs)

mabeane said...

Although the snow is up to the window's edge the house is cosy with a wood fire and the kitties are playing. More snow tonight ...poor man's fertilizer we call it. Come the second week of April most of the snow will be gone. In 29 years that has not changed. Suddenly things will green up and spring will arrive!
My Amaryllis my daughter gave me is growing well.
It is cheerful in this snowy winter in Maine.
I'm so glad Tom is feeling better.