Monday, July 21, 2014

Extreme This and That

More grocery encouragement, just a sampling from some recent purchases:

2 Butterball turkey bacon:  Free
2 Seafood Snackers:  Free
Ajax dish liquid:  Free
Goya seasoning:  .29 cents
10 Starkist tuna packets:  .30 cents each (I get two sandwiches from each, not just one)
4 Barbeque sauce:  .50 cents each
2 Natural Bliss creamer:  .50 cents each (I usually make my own, but for .50 cents I'll splurge on Natural Bliss.)
4 Kraft salad dressing:  .50 cents each
6 Chicken of the Sea tuna cans:  .50 cents each
2 Reynolds heavy duty foil:  .50 cents each (2 others not shown)
Peter Pan peanut butter:  1.25

Lots of great items for my stockpile so that I can shop from that when I need something, rather than running to the store and paying full price.

My best advice remains the same: find a couple of local coupon bloggers who will match-up coupons and sales at your supermarket for you. They'll even provide links to the best coupons!

Remember--we can complain about how ridiculous grocery prices are or we can do what it takes to keep paying very low prices. 

Or as Joyce Meyer likes to say:  "We can be pitiful or powerful, but we can't be both!"  

Amen to that. 


After my post on saving money, my buddy, Susan, asked questions about how I cut my hair. Well, I've been cutting/trimming my hair since I was a teenager (with maybe just 4 salon visits since) so I've never considered it a big, I-should-be-nervous deal. Instead, I've chosen to think about all the thousands of dollars I've saved over the past 40 years. 

Of course, I've read the articles which declare you should NEVER cut your own hair, but you know who writes those, right? Anyone who profits from the hair salon industry.

I ignore them. I mean, that's like saying, "Never leave your comfort zone! Never try something new. Never take a chance, a plunge, a risk."

Mostly I've always given myself easy blunt cuts. I just place a paper bag over the bathroom sink, divide my hair in half from a back part and start snipping away. And I don't allow fear to paralyze me from making the first cut.

Does it come out amazing, like I paid $300 to have it done? No way. But then, to me, hair is just hair and the world never ends if it's not perfect. Also, it grows back if you make a mistake.

(And yes, I realize not everyone can cut their hair, nor wants to and some women would rather die than cut their own hair. This post is not for those people. heh.)

Want some better directions and info.? You can start here. (What did we ever do before the Internet?)  


Aww ... this was inspiring:

105-year-old Oldest to Throw Out First Pitch


Free kindle books:

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A Horse Called September

Alkaline Foods

A Well-Worn Path


If you'd like a free pint of Ben & Jerry's new Core ice cream, go here.  Update:  All coupons are taken.


Judy said...

My husband cuts my hair, I groom the dog. My husband does a good job, the dog looks pretty bad. But there is NO WAY I want to pay to have the dog groomed if I'm getting my hair cut for free!

Anonymous said...

I trim my bangs and around my face...but I cannot reach well enough to do the back. This past week, after a fiasco trying to get an appt and the hair cutter keep it, decided to just let hubby trim the back. Probably is as good or better than paying for now I feel braver to let him try more to cut it how I need it cut. Why not? Told him if he messed it up, I would try for another salon and have them fix it!!
Elizabeth in WA

Anonymous said...

I've seen your hair. Its incredibly curly. I think that must help when cutting.
I get mine cut about three times a year but it is stick straight and I have to keep it short. I tried to grow it out long to save money but the shoulders wouldn't allow for the care it needed.
In between times I trim bangs and husband trims back.
I am thankful I have found someone who give me such a great cut that it still looks good as it grows out.


Debra said...

Judy--makes perfectly logical sense to me! (And I'm sure your dog looks fine.) heh. :)

Elizabeth--how nice of your husband to cut your hair for you!

Jan-- I don't know what you're talking about. My hair is as naturally straight as hair can be!! And I like to wear it long that way, though sometimes I curl it or braid it. And for me, cutting straight hair has always been easy. Hmmm...

Thanks, Everyone! Blessings, Debra